Days 13-15: #30daysmagicalroots challenge–tools (sort of) @plentiful_earth #WitchBlogWed

#30DaysmagicalRoots continues with these subjects:

Day 13: Stones and Crystals. While I like amethyst, and I have some lovely rocks on my altar, I wouldn’t say I actually work with stones. Er, well? I am reminded yes. I did a whole post on the subject last year that shares some of my rocks and crystal collection and how I “use” it, when I do. You can see that here. (and do excuse the two different fonts in that post. I’m still struggling with this ridiculous “responsive” template. Responsive, my foot!)


Day 14: incense: Create an incense recipe to help you focus on your daily practice. Here is an article on making herbal incense from Mother Earth Living (Bonus points if you make it and use it for the rest of the month.)

I’ve mentioned this a time or two on here before, because of allergies and the way ash affects the a/c filters, I’m very wary of it, so I don’t use it anymore (I used to, but not anymore). Just thinking about it is tickling the allergies. (*sneezes* excuse me!)

I can’t really make one, in that light, but my friend Beth  makes lovely incenses. You can check her out here. (and yes, I have used hers before, and can attest, they’re worth checking out–even if I don’t use them now).

Day 15: Kitchen Witchery: How can you make your meal a magical one? Here are three simple acts of kitchen witchery you can do today: Kitchen Witchery Magic.

Oh, um….Let’s see. I try not to grumble or dwell on “bad” thoughts while cooking. Or making our morning coffee (which is the easiest of them all because I’m usually concentrating on being awake enough to use the coffeemaker!). I’ve had trouble from not being awake enough, let me tell you! Whenever I mix something, like a butter into the mashed potatoes, or soup on the stove, or a cake mix or whatever needs stirring, I’ll always stir in a clockwise direction, to (hopefully) bring in the good, so to speak. This of course extends to stirring sugar into coffee/honey into tea. (If you ever wondered where my character Caitlin got it, that’s where. It’s an actual real thing). Oh, and I don’t know if this counts, though we do tend to eat a lot of…I’m just going to say it, crap, I do try to be conscientious about how much of it comes in. Not always successful, (where are my chips??) but I do try. I also recycle whatever I can.

And that, friends, I believe, brings us up to yesterday.

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