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Day 16: Connect with Mother Earth.

Go outside! Find a tree to sit with for a while. Maybe clean up if there is garbage around it. Let today be a day of service to Mother Earth.

 Ooh! Outside??? Are you mad?? It has been 92-ish degrees every day! 🙂 Just kidding–well, not about the hot because it has  been hot and (as I wrote up this section, it was)…. thundering. But the “are you mad” part. *g*  But I managed to get out, this 16th day, and relocate a few of those stray plants I was telling you about in my “Plant magic” portion of a recent post. So, I had this plant that had sprouted in the ground and quite frankly, gotten far too big for its current pad, so dilemma. Large plant, don’t want to pull it out or mow over it, so I had to stick my fingers into ye ole Mother Potting Soil to give it a new home. (Hey, it’s dirt, it works).

Day 17: Raise some energy. 
Try chanting, singing, drumming, or dancing! Turn some tunes on and work on that Stevie Nicks spin. When you’re feeling complete throw your arms up and send it shooting out through your hands into the Universe.

While my long time readers know I love Stevie Nicks, this time, I left her out of the work. 🙁 Instead, I clapped my hands, drummed on my knee, and rubbed my hands together fast. All of those things work to raise energy. The tricky part is that I usually only do this during the sabbats or the full moon. So, keeping in mind this is the week of a waning moon, Seems best to remind our readers that waning/dark moons=getting rid of something, some garbage energy in your life. When the moon waxes I’ll probably re-charge some of my special pieces of jewelry, maybe. Maybe with the eclipse.
(*Cue Pink Floyd)

Day 18: Elemental magic

Spend some time today working with and acknowledging the elements of your practice. Do you honor the Land/Sea/Sky elements, or the elements of water, fire, air, and earth, or something else? why do you work with those elements and what have they brought to your life?
Unfortunately, today, I’m not around my element as it would be in nature. Can’t see the water, except for the rain (which hasn’t happened today) or the water from the spiggot. Land/Sea/Sky…well, the sky is nice and blue so stepping outside… Ya know? I don’t think I’ve ever worked sky magic? Unless you count throwing a kiss to the full moon and/or wishing on a star.

But generally, I’m a water baby and… well, it depends on how strict you want to be in where the elementals are. Most of the time, I’m not around natural bodies of water, close enough to work magic with them. But I personally don’t see why some of them can’t flit around the municipal water supplies. If I  have to pour a libation inside, (say in the sink–hello, Lady of Drains!) then I’ll run water after it to, I guess, “flush it into the universal stream”. If I happen to be at the beach I might do something like visualize flinging the magic out into/onto the waves. So, that’s how I would do that….Or just visualization (say, see something spiraling to  [for bringing good in]  you or away from you [for banishing] on a wave or a waterspout).

(However, getting a wee bit personal now,  I will say there’s a bad habit I’ve been trying to “flush away”/get rid of, and though I’ve worked banishing “dumps” many times for it, it never has completely gone away,  and even though everything White Witch says in her video on Spellwork is true, none of those apply to the habit I’d like to break; in other words, I’ve still not completely broken it. So …yeah, the energy sometimes goes off into Left Field and doesn’t always “work” so to speak. This is the part of it all where the skeptic in me comes out.
Too much information. Never mind….

Anywho, that would be about it. Woohoo! Caught up! 🙂 Do you do any of these things? And if so, how? Share in the comments, if you’d like to. 🙂


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