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So, I’m trying (again) another challenge. This time, #30DaysMagicalRoots by Plentiful_Earth (the folks who thought up #WiccanChat) I couldn’t decide whether to just tweet each, Youtube it, or blog about. Blogging is *cough*  quicker and easier (for the most part) so there we go. Besides, the things on the list don’t always lend themselves to visually documenting (see …well, the first week. How do you document energy work? Centering? Shielding, when they’re all mental based things? I can write about them (because, heh my character Caitlin does it all the time, doesn’t she?), but visuals? Not so much.

Naturally, I missed day 1 (well, sort of.) Day 1 was Lughnasadh (which I’ve blogged about before) and so, I had different plans for the day’s first challenge. Day 1 was divination for the focus for the month. That was a little personal so we’ll just say, yes. It all tied in, pretty much, to what I was planning on focusing on this month, anyway. 🙂 So hopefully I won’t give up on this one this time.
Day 2, grounding, I did with a little yoga (following this yoga challenge from last year)… Yoga, for me, is always pretty good at grounding me anyway, so I felt it not inappropriate to merge the two. 

Day 3: was Centering and breath work. See last day–why are these three different things? When you’re life is basically staring at your naval anyway (er, we call that writing in the writing community) a lot of these things overlap. )

See day 4 here.

Days five and six…well, they might be done, but not documented.Somehow, the need to document things like this seems to contribute to the burn out (I started something else this first day of the month and I’m already wanting to say “screw it”. because there’s a social media aspect to it).See how that happens? 

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Oh, yeah. And the flowers image came from Freedigitalphotos.com, but so long ago, I forget who the photographer is.