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Day 21: Symbols
What symbols do you use in your practice and why? Are there any that you are drawn to? Try carving the symbol into a candle and burning it while you meditate on that sacred symbol. You can also draw it on a piece of paper and carry it with you every day. Or find a piece of jewelry with the symbol to wear when you need a magical boost.

What symbol do I use most? Because people freak out about pentacles, yes, even some 50-70ish years after the first adoption of it by Wiccans, not that one. So I’ve had quite a dig to find symbols that work for me. Mostly, I gave up (and I know this is going to blow some minds and make people wonder). In the absence of that, for several years, I’ve worn a Stella Maris saint medal I inherited from my dad (that looks a lot like this one). So it’s sort of an ancestor-come goddess medal thing. It’s sad that we don’t have something like a cross that we can use and not have everyone either, a) wonder *wtf* or b) freak out about. I had a gal corner me once and proselytize at me, because? I was wearing a pentacle. To heck with that. 🙁 I came home and put it away and that was the last time I wore one. (Stella Maris–aka star of the sea–is close enough to star-ish for me. 🙂 I’ve always wondered how people would react to just a plain star but never experimented.)
Aside from her, I might’ve shown you my pig?

necklace by Wytch of the North, Photo by Juli D. Revezzo

(Isn’t he adorable? Or she…It might be a female, but whatever…) He’s representative (in my mind, at least) of Cerridwen, in Welsh Myth and also–more importantly–the Hero’s Portion over which the heroes boast in The Story of Mac Dá Tho’s Pig an old Irish Myth.*

(*For those of you who don’t know, in a nutshell, the hero’s portion was the complimentary first choice of the host’s banquet, usually given to…well, the hero. Whether that be the fella that killed the most men on the battlefield that day or [in the case of the bards, the storyteller with the best story. ] You’ll see an example of this in my forthcoming book Druid Warrior’s Prince]:))

Er, that’s the very long winded way of saying, no I don’t really have one.

Symbols that I like? Fish, cups, the Grail, all that watery stuff (hence, Stella Maris). As for the latest edition to my little family? I haven’t found anything to represent her that I’m too keen on,yet. In a way, my characters do better with their jewelry than I do (like Caitlin and the necklace Arianrhod gives her). *g* I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made something up for them but never been able to find a similar looking necklace/ring in real life. (And no, I can’t design them myself, alas!)

Day 22: Self-Purification

Take a purifying bath (with sea salt for added purification if you like), smudge yourself with sage/rosemary/Palo Santo/, sprinkle with Florida Water/Holy water/Salt water, or hold a purifying stone like selenite. Take some time today to cleanse your auric field, rid yourself of any energetic ick that may be lingering, and see how much better it makes you feel. 
Smudge. *Gag cough*
Oddly enough, I did this on day 24, when I received a new tarot deck. 🙂 (*ducks* I know, Arwen!) It’s just something I’ve always done. However, purification via bath is one I indulge in frequently. (Well, shower. We don’t technically have a bathtub! :)) Every once in a while I’ll add some special scented soap to it, when I have it in my stores.
(Ironically, I’ve never used Florida water, probably because of the irony that something called “water” uses so much Vodka. That’s makes the recipe a bit of a misnomer, doesn’t it? Never mind.)

Day 23: Book of Shadows
Yes, I  have several. Don’t know if you remember (or ever saw my video on it, from last year. Not much has changed from then to now (though for those of you who might remember my post from January on journaling… It’s not going as well as I’d hope. I skipped all of July!). The magical journal (and this blog!) has seen more use this year then the “mundane life” journal (dear diary, edited three paragraphs today. Dear diary, edited three chapters. Dear diary, edited three words today” :)), but that even one of them has gotten so much use is a win. As for my book …it looks a little like this:


There are tons of downloadable “books of Shadows” pages available online, but as yet, I haven’t added any into mine. Seems a bit of trouble to go to….but never say never. So it’s still a work in progress…. as always with diaries. I do, however, have a…something of a book of shadows suggestions/template type thingie for my 4th tier supporters on Patreon. If you’d like to check my Patreon out, you can do so here.

Well, Ruth had to get the idea for her (fictional) diary somewhere, right? 😉

How about you? Do you have a favorite symbol you use,or way of cleansing space? or even a favorite book of shadows?

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(Notes: ie. Other things researched that couldn’t be linked in the text: The Celts and their Pigs.)

The necklace was made by Wytch of the North.

write in journal/girl with blank journal copyright Walt Stoneburner/Flickr.


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