#30daysmagicalroots days 11-12: simple spells and pantheons

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(Sneaking 11 and 12 in here because I seem to have forgot them, or erased them or something. *smacks forehead*)

Day 11 was write a spell… (This is easy, basically, stand in your happy place (backyard, sacred space) with a cup of your favorite tea. Barefoot if you can to connect with the earth. Thank your gods for their assistance (that day, that night), ask them for, whatever your intention happens to be (love, health, positive energy for your day, whatever). After you’ve had your fill of the drink, offer some to them pouring a little into a libation bowl, or if you’re outside, into any spot you feel compelled to in your garden as if sharing it with the gods with your (more) thanks for considering your petition. If you want to write a little rhyming invocation to go with it (like Caitlin chants), you can. But you don’t have to.
Or,you can even make a wish and send it, with a kiss (or howl) at the moon, if life. 🙂 Yes. spells can be just as simple as that. 
Day 12: Deity: a) Do you work with deities? b)Why or why not? c) Are you a monotheist, dualist, polytheist, animist, etc.? d) Write a poem or prayer dedicated to a deity and give it to Them as an offering. (Bonus: share a poem or prayer you’ve written for one of your deities.)
a) Indeed, I do.
b) Why do I work with them? I’ve always been drawn to them.Maybe at first it was a romantic idea that sparked it in my mind to try it (hey, I can add them to this (insert story you will never see unless I’m 100 years dead first! ;)) story but they wiggled their ways into my heart and stayed there much more than any other god. That I would say is why. I’m a big myth-loving romantic, what can I say? 🙂
Whaddya mean you don’t believe me??? Have you seen my blog or my novels? 😉
 c) mono/Polytheist… though I have one particular who’s gotten the bulk of my devotion for decades, I’d still say polytheist because He’s just part of a (much) larger family of gods that includes Celtic and Roman mostly…and a few others. 🙂 And I did just put out a somewhat devotional historical fantasy novel to Frigga. So, she’s on my peripherals too. A lot of the time they seem to present as Muses more than anything “Oh, hey, I have a great idea for how you can write ME into this story.” *shakes head* Muses!
d) Done, years ago. Have no clue where I put the text of it. I just improvise and mostly just say “thanks for the fine day” or whatever it is thanks is needed for. Or something simple like “my lady (or lord, or lords and ladies or whatever) please…whatever and thank you for…what ever.” Improvising your own is always best, in my humble opinion.

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