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How do you create sacred space for yourself? Do you cast a circle every time you work a spell? Or do you have a dedicated space that you practice in? Take some time today to settle into that space and enjoy its sacredness.

How do I? And do I even? Well… this would be (short answer) a yes, and a no. (Keep reading for the how…)

My character Caitlin (who, yes, she’s so much in my head I sometimes forget and just write “Caitlin”as if any new visitor might know who I’m talking about. :))…anyway, she does way more physical invoking or building and tearing down sacred space than I do.(Come to think of it, so do the characters in my Celtic Stewards Chronicles ) I guess that comes from longevity. But again, I’m not really a step by step type of person. Once you’ve practiced for a while (I think, at least in my experience) once the room is used in that way a few times, it always keeps a bit of that energy. You can feel the “sacredness” of the space when you enter said-room. There’s a different vibe to it from the “outside world”, one that automatically can evoke a feeling of safety and comfort for you. Maybe it comes from familiarity, but I always feel it when I come in from the outside. And honestly, in my experience, (again) if you’re familiar with that sacred space, I don’t think there is any need to invoke it every time. You don’t “create” the sacred space, you inhabit the sacred space daily, and take it with you.

Or, that’s just the way I see it. Honestly, I don’t think about it most of the time. The sacred space is just….here when I center myself. And no it’s not a dedicated space. It’s just…everywhere. Anywhere I can call up my own centerdness. With trappings like candles or not….
elf by Simona Fioravanti; pretty but…don’t get too close there, l’il elf!

I’ve talked ad nauseum about my troubles with burning oils and incense in sacred space (which really sucks when it’s the traditional method of communing with certain new visiting goddesses!), but if that helps you feel comfy in your sacred space, go for it.

Returning to the idea of circle, while the shape and the camaraderie of meeting in circles goes back a long way (see King Arthur’s Round Table) …in magical work?  I’m fairly sure–don’t quote me, now–but from what I recall the act of “creating sacred space” came to Wicca, if I remember correctly, from Aleister Crowley and ceremonial magic, which is something I never got into.

(Too stuffy! *wrinkles nose*) And, historically, the Order of Bards, Ovates, & Druids admits the use of circles in their system only go back to Gardner and some of his followers in the 1960s). Wow. That would make it a lot newer than I’d guessed! The Greeks, supposedly, according to Burkhardt, I’m reminded via second hand, used them. The Romans? er…. I don’t remember running across it in the myths. But maybe. Some say yes, some say no. Magic was frowned upon (outlawed?) in ancient Rome, and they might be the (or at least one) origin of the stereotypical witch, so I’m kind of doubting it. But since they borrowed so much from Greece, maybe? (Another thing to look into!)

So supposing they didn’t and it was only concocted in the 16th century or even the 60s, is it necessary for our work? That’s the question that fuels a lot of my meditations and workings these days.I even have a cord for such work…beautiful thing my friend Beth made me a while back. You know what? I forget to use it more often than not. *facepalm* Let’s just say it does the trick from where it’s stored. 🙂

For a newbie I would say invoking a circle (ala the Farrars or Scott Cunningham’s templates,  complete with maybe lighting candles, setting out the four elements, if that feels right to you) might not be a bad habit to get into and see how it feels for yourself. At the very least it can teach you how to call up a magical mindset when setting out to do your ritual/working. And if it works for you, great! Cast a circle to set up sacred space.

Also, simply walking the demarcation of your circle a few times (if you have the space to do it) can work too– as it can for raising energy, ala my last post.

(Just to be real for a moment, I’ve been in group circles and stepped right over the edge of the circle, and can’t tell the difference. Does that mean they didn’t invoke it right? No. It’s just the way it is. Sacred Space has more of a “shwoop” effect in fiction than in real life[it’s where the two diverge]–same thing with “raising cones of power” if you ask me. The act of doing that never left me anything but exhausted. Exercised. Yes, that’s good, but magical? Meh.).  Maybe, again, that’s from years and years of using the same space.
After a while, you’ll find a good way of involving sacred space in your normal space doesn’t really have to take more than finding a peaceful place where you can do whatever it is you need to do to quiet your mind and focus on whatever your magical intent is. Like anything, once you learn the basics, set them in stone, as it were, you won’t really have to think about it much. 🙂 Like Joseph Campbell says above, let it be where you love to be.

So, what about you? How do you invoke sacred space?

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