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Summer solstice, aka Litha, is here once again.. I don’t know about you, but I feel like it started weeks ago. (In fact, I was talking to my current narrator, yesterday, who lives in Britain, and she said they’re sweltering too!). Since starting to follow the “Wheel of the year” the official holi-dates have always posed a conundrum. 
(Word of the day: Conundrum! I’ve used it twice already this morning.) 
There’s the official belief that the cold/heat doesn’t go away/get started until certain dates, that just don’t jibe with the reality of the good ole south. (Or to be honest, the modern “We’ve screwed up our environment” world). Nonetheless, remember, the solstice marks the tilt of the earth toward/away from the sun, so whatever the official weather (1 million degrees or just 90) the energy of the day is evident and important. The flowers are sweltering er, blooming. If you can’t stand a bonfire right now (who could?) there are other ways to honor the day.  in lieu of a fire, you could light a yellow, or red candle for your ritual.
For a fire-less version (and hey, don’t knock easy ;)), you can go sit outside and take in nature (don’t forget your sunscreen!). Maybe pour a  libation to the summer gods–of some iced tea, maybe?
Putting a few ice cubes in your plants to give them (and/or the landwights and faeries!) a break from the heat Personally, I’d think of doing this after sundown. My dad always watered plants after dusk. they hold the moisture better, he said.
It’s also a new moon, this solstice so that gives you a bit of opposites to reflect on (the height of summer, being the darkest moon–there’s irony for you!)
And you could pop over to Eternal Haunted Summer and check out the latest issue of the zine for some solstice reading. 🙂
For me, I’m inside with the A/C blasting and, as ever, finishing up a new book that should’ve been out by now (stay tuned!). 🙂 
Whatever you plan to do for the day, reading, beaching, listening to your favorite “summery songs” or watching your favorite summer movie, or bonfire-ing in the heat, I wish you all a blessed Summer Solstice (and a stormless summer!)


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