My Biggest Dream in life

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 My Biggest Dream in life

Dreams are funny things. They can motivate you or paralyze you. And some would say you can work hard on them and never achieve them, then others would say you can work so hard on them you don’t realize you’ve achieved them. Everyone has some kind of dream, some of work goals, some of life goals.

Some people want to travel.  I do like to get away from time to time. What would be a dream? traveling by teleportation. Imagine popping into a teleporter and going to, say, Italy for lunch? That would be cool! (I’m waiting for the engineers to come up with transporters! Come on, dudes! Time’s tickin’ away, here!)
 And dreams change. I’m sure many of us have had more than one dream throughout our lives. At age five, what you wanted to be when you grew up I’m sure is quite different than what you wanted to be when you were fifteen, wasn’t it?  I know it was for me.
My biggest “what do I want to be” kind of dream, changed throughout life. At 5, I wanted to be…I don’t remember what I wanted to be! At 9, I wanted to be a certain goddess super heroine (does anyone remember the Syd & Marty Kroft shows? Electra Woman, Dyna Girl? Secrets of Isis?). Yeah. Those. But I wonder if anyone would even remember her/them. 
When I wasn’t dreaming of saving the world and flying and all of that, I wanted to be a songwriter. At 15, I decided, to heck with simple songwriter, I wanted to be a rock star. 
Yes, it’s true. I worked hard at channeling my inner Ann Wilson and Stevie Nicks! 🙂 I even wrote a bunch of song lyrics. Even still have some of them too. (No, you cannot see them! *lol*)
At twenty, I decided I really wanted to be a writer. All these years later, here I am.
Out of all that, what is my biggest dream in life? Writing. From the song lyrics I wrote as a kid, to my first novel mss at 18 (no, you cannot see that one either!) to the books I now have on offer, the writing remained throughout. So I guess you can say that’s been my biggest dream.
Although,I still wouldn’t turn my nose up at the being a rock star part–or traveling to Campania (southern Italy) via teleporter for an eggplant parmigiana lunch! 😉
What about you? What is your biggest dream in life?

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