My 3 greatest strengths/weaknesses/doubts

 If you’re wondering where these posts come from, I’m following (unofficially) this set of prompts here.
  Catching up on several posts.  I’m going to combine a few here, bear with me. 

My greatest strength:

Tenacity (which some people might see as the flaw of stubbornness ;)). Once I get an idea in my head, if it has staying power, normally, I’ll see it through even if it debilitates me. Case in point, a few years ago, I wrote 38k words of a novel in a week. Ouch!

Verbal ability. I can talk up a storm, once you get me going. 🙂 Just ask my friends!
Creativity. Well…I am a writer. 🙂 Hopefully, eloquence comes along with that.

My greatest weaknesses:

1) Self-doubt. Ye gods, I can fret with the best of them! Ever wonder why it takes me so long to put a book out? Blame it on self-doubt and panic. Every manuscript goes through the following cycle: “This is good; this sucks; it’s ready, it’s not; everyone says it is, I’m sure it is; no it’s all wrong; I need to tear it all down and start again”). Even after me and my editors and critique partners have gone over them and over them and over them. Yep, usually, this is what delays me. Plain self-doubt and self-induced panic. Drives my editors and critique partners nuts!

And, confession time, it’s also why I hesitate to speak up in a group-like setting (see, social media below). If I had my druthers, you’d look at my stories and not at me, the witch behind the curtain. 😉 I’m trying to break that bad habit, if for nothing else than the sake of my business.

2) Over-researching. I do way more research on most of my books than you ever see inside the stories. More often than not, the research subjects preoccupy me for a while even after the books are released. Case in point? Tarot, the interest has hung on even after I finished my series surrounding the topic.

 Another case in point, particularly this month for a WIP I’m almost done with, Italy, Italian mythology, and particularly, all things Pompeii. I don’t know how that one will manifest in any yet-to-be-written stories, or if it’ll just fade again, (sometimes the intrigue does), we shall see.  On the other hand, I’ve been intrigued with Italy … only a scant few years less than I’ve been with the Celts.

You think my Celtic warrior based PNRs and Welsh-blooded ghost-hunting fictional witches give branding experts a headache next to my Gothic and Victorian-era set romances? HA! Try my heritage on for size. I’m mostly Italian, with a dose of Liverpool Celt (we think). In other words, “Hail Caesar!”, “By gods, drive Caesar back into Rome where the despot belongs before he wipes us out!” (Too late!)

That? That’s me, y’all. I have a sneaking suspicion that’s part of why I write more than one genre, or at least it might be a contributing factor. My sweet maidenly side, and my raging Morrigan Warrior Goddess side, are constantly at (ahem, pardon the pun) war.

Ahem. Like I said, over-researching.

3) Salty snacks. Yes, not chocolate. Shocked, aren’t you? I am not a big chocolate lover, like most women claim to be. I go for chips more than sweets. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good cake, cookie, or (lately) jelly belly from time to time, but my go-to snack is salty.

My social media hangouts:

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Some of these (okay maybe all of them) have been pulled into what makes me me, contributing to my sense of personal power, whether spiritual or just as learning experiences, writing-related, business-related, you name it.

Those are my strengths/weaknesses/doubts. What are yours?

I’ll continue these prompts in the next post. Really, the next topic is a bit long to include here. 🙂 Stay tuned!


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