Sunday post on Monday.

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Dang, this accidentally went live! (Some weird keystroke made blogger post??? I hate keyboards sometimes.)

Scratch not posting a Sunday update on Sunday. At least, it wasn’t supposed to go out. Quick update for this Sunday/Monday. Sorry about that, folks. I really did have more to say! A little, anyway. Of course, that means more typing and …well, we don’t want to talk about what all the typing this week has done to my wrists and forearm. (ouch!) Perhaps a little Photoshop work too can share the blame, but anyway.

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on. Just trying to finish up a new book. I’d meant to have it ready to release by now, but no such luck. I’m hoping I can get it up on Amazon by Friday, so stay tuned. We’ll see. That is, if my muse can stop tweaking. It’s been quite a hot summer here already so I hope you’ll forgive me, but staying inside and writing (and editing) seems like the way to go!

Did some reading, too. I finished up a Christine Feehan I’ve had on the tbr pile for a while. It was okay. I picked up a couple audiobooks to listen to: Jessamine’s Folly and The Ice Captain’s Daughter both by Suzanne G./S.G. Rogers. Also  The Alchemists of Loom by Elise Kova. I’ve seen good things about it around Twitter here and there and so thought I’d give it a shot. I also got Midnight Marriage by Lucinda Brant, and The Summer Queen by Elizabeth Chadwick. I’ve been into Eleanor of Aquitaine for years, I’ve just never read this book. I had some credits at Audible, though, so I thought, why not try it?

Now you know the reason one of my harshad warriors is from the Aquitani tribe. 😉
I also got LAURA’S LOCKET by Tima Maria Lacoba

At any rate, writing, editing stuff  kinda keeps me busy and away from pop culture news.  Yeah,that. Still reeling from the news about Chris Cornell (see this recent post.)

I do have a little book news to share, though, I told y’all already about the audiobook of LADY OF THE TAROT, well… The Reign of Tarot duology is now available as a boxed set! Check it out on Amazon.

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That was me. How was your week?




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