My less than 7 guilty pleasures. #blogging #blogger #BloggersBlast

If you’re wondering what these posts come from, I’m following (unofficially) this set of prompts here.
Seven Guilty Pleasures.

Oh, my 7? I don’t know if I really have 7. Ever since I’ve been on my own, (lo from years ago), I admit it, I pretty much do what I please. *thinks* Guilty pleasure. 

Well, books (that’s a no-brainer for an author, innit?), which extends to ebooks.
Music. Y’all know this, if you’ve followed my blog. I love all kinds of music and have amassed a  collection over the years.
Nail polish. This one is a love/hate relationship. I’ve always had trouble with chipping to downright peeling. I’ve spent you-don’t-want-to-know how much on everything from the expensive ones, to the drugstore $1 ones, and nothing stays on my nails perfectly for longer than a day, maybe two at best. Feh. This one, after years of trying, I’m giving up!
A bath in a bathtub. Yeah. We have one,but as most of the things about my life the plug….doesn’t exist that would fit this drain. So have to finagle a plug, hence, we use the shower more than we use the tub. In fact, I think I only go through the trouble if I have a really bad backache–which, thankfully, hasn’t happened in a long time. *knock on wood*
Tea. I have been drinking a lot more tea this year than usual. It’s Mia‘s fault. While one of my grandmothers used to drink nothing but tea, Mia’s teas have hooked me more, lately, than ever. 🙂
Finally, tarot cards. Yep. In the last year or so I’ve been studying the subject and amassed a collection, more than I really need. I have stopped myself lately, though. *hides Amazon wishlist* Yeah. Nary a tarot card deck purchase this year.
Okay, I could only come up with six. Those are mine. What are yours?



*(ice cream photograph  by: eak_kkk/Pixabay)


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