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Queen Guinevere’s Maying by John Collier, 1900

Blessed Beltane, my friends. May your early summer be merry, productive, and mild. I love this painting.  It reminds me of the “Lusty Month of May” song/scene in the Musical Camelot.

For us here, it’s already warm  (it was 93° yesterday, y’all!). But yesterday morning, it wasn’t too bad to keep out of the garden. Not a bad way to commemorate Beltane eve, honoring Blodeuwedd and Flora. 🙂  I cleared out some of the (very) dead flowers and added some new pretties. Unfortunately, not Hawthorne, (I don’t even think I’ve ever seen that in our local nurseries!) I did bring home some purple flowers–bugleweed and Mexican heather.

Ajuga reptans

Yes, lo and behold, I was able to pick up something with a magickal use at a local nursery. It’s not every day that happens. 🙂 I haven’t found much about it beyond a few simple mentions around the web, (that it might be horehound [which, since Cunningham doesn’t mention the name “bugleweed” at all, I’m not total certain of], that it’s associated with Venus, and love and beauty) but I’m still looking. I’m a happy little pagan today.

For the week, I’ll be babying them a bit and as for writing, I plan to finish the follow up to Druid Warrior’s Heart and get it off to my editor soon-like.

(Oh, and if you’re interested, the spring-return-related PNR Passion’s Sacred Dance is on sale for one more day!)

For now, though, may your Beltane be mild and joyful! 🙂

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