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If you’re wondering what these posts come from, I’m following (unofficially) this set of prompts here.

My Common Writing Mistakes. 

Common writing mistakes, is it? Who me? *g* Of course we all make mistakes, right? I am no exception, however anal I am about my edits of my editors’ edits of edits. I’ve made them, it’s true.

My most common mistake? One that I think might make my readers laugh (okay, chuckle. Okay, maybe just smile?): I have been known to be indecisive about character names. So much so, I’ve changed names of minor characters  up to the day of release. 
It’s so common of me, there was this one time, seven or ten years ago, when I sent a manuscript out on submission rounds (back in ye ole days of snail mail, mind you) with a major character’s name spelled two different ways. Not sent out once that way, I sent it  multiple times before I noticed it. *blush*
In my defense, said manuscript was a science fantasy romance, and the dude in question had a very uncommon name. We’re not talking Tom, Dick, or Harry here, folks. (which, I see far too often in SFF books these days. Authors? Stop it. Don’t baby us. I’ve been reading SFF more years than I can count, and I like Mixiepilic type names in my sff, thanks you! er, how is his name spelled?) So this character’s name was something … different and unusual. Stuff your spell check is likely to drop dead over. 🙂 
Of course, I’ve toned my character names way down in recent years, but you’re still likely to see unusual from me–Sinjon and Linton, anyone? Maribelle? Felix? Ianthe? Arianrhod? (Although, in Arianrhod’s defense, she’s an historically-recognized Welsh goddess, so I kind of had no choice on her part–actually both she and Ianthe are). 
You get my point.
Anyway, yeah. I’ve done that: Misspelled character names are a common mistake for me. Ugh!


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