Shows I binge watch.

 Got another one for you. Q prompt: What shows do you like to watch? 
Technically, I guess I don’t binge watch much. I do more reading than watching. Yes, believe it or not even when my hubby’s watching something on television (and he does a lot more reading than watching TV, too). We have long since given up on cable (too damned expensive) and so we’re stuck with a few stations. We do have many movies though, so we tend to watch a lot more movies than television. 
There have been series I have loved over the years though, and some are back on some of the second run stations. Namely? Star Trek. I wasn’t around for the first run of the original series and it’s fun to see it on again. One of our stations runs the original through Enterprise all evening long, and I must say, of all the series,  I am a fan of:
Moreso even than I was when it first aired (still want Janeway to shoot Tom Paris and Neelix out a torpedo tube though! My hubby wants it more than me, even! *lol*), But it’s a great show. Love Janeway. :).
I also tried to keep up on Reign, because I liked it, what can I say? Mary’s interesting, I’m not sure I like how they treat Elizabeth I, but I do like Mary. But… as usual, digital reception is hit an miss (let’s face it, it sucks!) and we can’t keep that station in to save its life, but for on odd occasions. Except, I did get to see it this last week, so. Wooohoo! It was fun while it lasted. Keeping my fingers crossed for next week’s episode.
Aside from that… well? I enjoyed Gilmore Girls when it was on television. (Please, please, please Netflix,  release the newest season to DVD!) We have, of course, collected all those DVD’s. I haven’t done a binge watch of it in a while but it’s there if we wanted to. I also loved…Once Upon A Time.

 It was, ahem, once upon a time, quite original. Loved Snow White, loved Emma Swan, fell in love with Mr. Gold, (and yeah, one of my books owes a little of itself to the show). But unfortunately, I think they went off the rails a few seasons ago. Repeating the same schtick over and over isn’t the way to keep my interest and they’ve done that ad nauseum. But I do try to keep an eye on it.

And, lest I forget? Sleepy Hollow. Why? One reason: Crane. 🙂 Well, okay, I loved Abbie too, but… Crane. History buff that I am, I just love it when he starts filling in the blanks for his partners. Now that they’ve moved it to Fridays, I keep missing it though! Eep!

Other than that? Meh. I haven’t found much worth a binge. What do you recommend that I might be overlooking?


Juli D. Revezzo is the author of the MOURNING DOVE LOCKET, the latest in the Antique Magic paranormal series, also the Celtic Stewards Chronicles fantasy romance series, as well as the Victorian Romance HOUSE OF DARK ENVY, among others. Her books are available at Amazon and elsewhere.