Exciting week of reading and research…

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Happy Sunday morning.  I hope you had a good week. We did here. I spent most of it with my nose in a book as I had one I wanted to finish. Title? Grace Unleashed by Suzanne G. Rogers. In a nutshell, I enjoyed it. 🙂 You can see my review for it here. I haven’t decided yet if changing the tags on that one from S.G. Rogers to Suzanne G. Rogers will muck anything up, so I haven’t tried it. WordPress being a somewhat different animal than, well, most static sites, I don’t know. So you’ll find all her books I mention under the older version of her name there. (Had an interesting conversation with her regarding our shared influences. 🙂 Enjoyed that very much and yes, added a few names to my to be read list. I’m never going to get through that thing, am I?)
Other than that… herm. We got, and have been binge watching, Rogue One. Gods, I really, really love that movie.  I still think, had that one, and/or Force Awakens, come out in the 70s, I would’ve been a much bigger Star Wars fan.

Really, there’s not much to report. Oh!  I finished off a novella and sent it off for one final polish read. And we do have a title….*drum roll please* Frigga Lost Army. 

That should be releasing, erm, soon. I hope to have it back before the end of April, so probably not too long after that. Early May? Depends on my final reader and what she finds. So, stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted.

On other writing news
(I told you I didn’t do much this week that’s exciting!) I’ve also been doing some research reading for a book I’m currently in the early plodding/plotting out stages. Hope to get that done sometime this year. We’ll see. It’s looking like it’s going to be another that’s going to make me pull its teeth. And I signed on for Camp Nanowrimo in hopes of finishing one other that’s … about 60% of the way there. We’ll see which of these two end up getting how far through this month.

Posts that I’ve done in the last few weeks:
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Books I’ve picked up.
I’ve been having a little trouble with my old Kindle lately and it’s been giving me fits! For one thing, I can’t delete anything from the damned thing. I’ve complained to Kindle about this; they basically said, “Get a new Kindle” and “Tough s–“. :p Not good for business, y’all! So, if you’re having trouble deleting something, um… I haven’t come up with a solution. Light a candle at the new moon, jump up and down like the Easter bunny, three times, in a circle? *shrugs* I don’t know. But I’m in the market for a new one because, even though it can hold a ton of stuff, you know, I use it for my business and I’d like it to work the way it used to. (That’s the goal right now for my Patreon too, actually, if you’d like to support it.)
Ahem. Rant over. Anyway, so I haven’t been trawling Amazon much. However, I did pick up:
Winner Takes All by Meg Mims (personal purchase)
 Daughter of Chaos (Red Magic book 1) by Jen McConnel (freebie)
The Secret of Isobel Key by Jen McConnel (personal purchase)
both these looked very interesting, as much so as their author. 🙂 It’s nice to find new-to-me pagan fiction authors now and then.

Star King by Susan Grant
Star Princess by Susan Grant (still free)
A Knight’s Temptation by Catherine Keane
(These last three were free, for some reason, at Amazon this week–Star King and Knight’s Temptation are no longer free. And I see more and more authors are giving away middle stories. Did I start a trend? ;))

Also, the audiobook to Larken by Suzanne G. Rogers.

Okay, maybe I have been on the Kindle more than I thought. Anyway, so that’s what I got.  Adding to the ever-growing pile.

And yes, the title of this post is ironic. The stories I’ve been reading are exciting, but sitting butt in chair reading and typing away? Not so much. But it is part of my writing life, and y’all know how much I love that!So how was your week?


Juli D. Revezzo is the author of the MOURNING DOVE LOCKET, the latest in the Antique Magic paranormal series, also the Celtic Stewards Chronicles fantasy romance series, as well as the Victorian Romance HOUSE OF DARK ENVY, among others. Her books are available at Amazon and elsewhere.