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Good morning, all. How are you? I’m just up, but thinking about…stuff. Thunder Brain, a friend of mine calls it. I’ve been having dreams of some lost family members this week. Very strange. (Strange that it happened more than once, not strange dreams.) I don’t know what they mean except that the boys are checking in on me, but it’s always welcome.

All right, for my non-pagan readers, I think that’s all the woo stuff right now (I don’t know about you, but I just discovered that word “woo-woo”, via the tarot blog/youtube community, and I kind of like it).

So, what did y’all do this week? I tried to participate in Bloggeista, but didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped. Though, in my defense, I did look at the behind the scenes things that were bothering me (didn’t find my solution yet, but I’m working on it) and I made a comment or two on the Twitter chat. So there is a little half tick on the list.

I also had some pictures on the camera that I meant to, well, get off the camera and haven’t done that yet either. What’s keeping me from all this? Well, I have something important to get out to a *cough* audiobook editor *cough 😇* so my computer time went to that. (Stay tuned [via my mailing list, here, or you can follow me at Amazon] or stay tuned to the blog or my site.). More on *cough*audiobook*cough* in the near future!)
I had lunch with my writing ladies, too, and that’s always something I look forward to. We plan and plot a lot, and that’s always fun. It’s nice to get into a new environment every once in a while, too. Shakes the cobwebs out of ye ole brain, don’t you know! 😉

The rest of the week was filled up with, you guessed it, working on writing and of course, mucking around on Twitter. I’m just about ready to send a certain other story off to a last *fingers crossed* polish reader, so we’ll see. I would’ve done it already but that Thunder Brain of mine decided, “Wait!! do this first”. *sigh* Oh well. Now, we wait and work on something else. Again, more on that soon.

What’d I read this week?
Progressed in Rules for a Proper Governess by Jennifer Ashley and Grace Unmasked by Suzanne G. Rogers. Finished a book on Social Media. Didn’t think much of that one, oh well.

Also, if you missed it, here’s what I blogged about this week:
How my family deals with my writing.
Yeah, a whole lot, I know. Maybe next week will be better.

So that’s been my week! How was yours? Good, I hope. Now, please excuse me, won’t you?  I need to get some more coffee, and try to schedule up some posts. 🙂

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Juli D. Revezzo is the author of the MOURNING DOVE LOCKET, the latest in the Antique Magic paranormal series, also the Celtic Stewards Chronicles fantasy romance series, as well as the Victorian Romance HOUSE OF DARK ENVY, among others. Her books are available at Amazon and elsewhere.