Working or hardly working? #amwriting #Saturdayblogshare #authorslife

Well, that’s … a silly question! Of course I’m working–on a new book, on a new manuscript, still on that knitting project. It’s all in the works, always. 🙂 I’ve got some final touches to put on the new book, but it looks like, I may be able to get it out before my deadline! Woot! Of course, I will keep you posted. 🙂

And then there was the Women in Horror event last week. So much fun! I hope y’all had a chance to stop by. 🙂 I met some new, wonderful writers, so yeah. I had fun, anyway.

Other than that, yes, I am still knitting the project. It’s about halfway to where I want it to be.

What did I read this week? I bit more of  Staurolite by Marsha A. Moore. Of course, I’m enjoying it. Dragons, war, magic. What’s not to love there? 🙂 Dragons are wonderful things, aren’t they? 🙂 I’m almost finished, so those of you following my review blog, stay tuned for that review. I should (hopefully) have it up this week.

An interesting side effect? (boys, go ahead, plug your ears!) I’ve noticed it’s seemed to help with my  usual PMS rage. Well… Dragons as PMS quellers. Who knew? 😉

I got out to the park this week and walked around a bit (yea, exercise!) and my toe started hurting. *sigh* I have had this trouble for a while and I don’t know what to put it down to. I tried new tennies, I’ve tried stretching before we go out. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. I will say, when I stretch it, I don’t have to soak in epsom salts, after the fact. So that’s a (ahem, pardon the pun) step in the right direction. 🙂 I know my father had gout (probably caused by drinking when he was a younger man), but I doubt it’s that. (I don’t drink).  I think it’s just arthritis and getting older.


Yeah, I am.

Whatever it is, it’s irritating to be hobbled after exercise or other long walks. Exercise is good for you, remember? Not.

 For now, though, I have stuff to do. I just wanted to get in here and say happy Saturday!


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