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This Sunday, in life and books. (because, what else is there?) There’s some sort of sports thing going on tonight, but, *sheepish grin* we’re more bookworms, around here.

I’ve been busy with a new book (see below “On the Business Side”) and between all that revising, formatting, and so forth, I’ve finished listening to Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews, and begun the audiobook of Kitty Takes a Holiday by Carrie Vaughn. Enjoyed Magic Burns, am enjoying Kitty Takes a Holiday. I’ve been keeping lists of my read books for years and, as I looked back, it seems there’ve been years since I read the previous Kitty book. *hangs head* I suck, I know. But real life happens, and I’ve read a ton of other (and indie) books since then. So, there. What about KTaH? I’m enjoying it so far. (Good Reads says I’m behind on my challenge, but you know? Screw them). I’m kinda curious as to why Vaughn isn’t writing the Kitty series, anymore. But as a writer who knows my fans are probably wondering why I jump genres around a lot myself, and just as the writer who does it, I get it.

I also picked up one more book this week (see? It’s a sickness).
A Kiss to Remember by Teresa Medeiros

I’ve had Medeiros on my want to check out pile for a while (*ducks flying tomatoes from the horror/Caitlin fans) but I’ve never gotten to it. No….Now that I think about it, I take it back. I read Breath of Magic years ago. (Sorry. Needed a little more coffee to remember that). I seem to recall I wish the hero had been dragged into the heroine’s world, rather than the other way around.

On the business side.

This week has been a productive one for me. I finished the next round of edits on a particular book I’m hoping to get out here, sometime soon. What’s it about? Well… I can’t really share much until I go over the proof, but it’s set in the Victorian age and will see our hero and heroine coming to terms with their past.  So, fans of my Victorians, you’ll have something new, pretty soon. 🙂 Stay tooned. (Yes, I deliberately misspelled that in order to be funny. Don’t panic, fellow editing nerds). For my fellow horror/dark fantasy/Caitlin fans, she’s going well too, and I (hate to say too much about this, at this stage, but) I started working on a little something extra this weekend, something very creepy. *insert evil author laugh*
Also: I managed to get my paranormal romantic mystery Murder Upon a Midnight Clear up at Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. And then Barnes and Noble hiccupped for a day, and then it came back. I’ll never know if it was just me, or the whole web, because, scanning social media (which I do, far, far, too much–to little effect, fellow marketeers) no one else seemed to notice. Anyway, as yet, it hasn’t shown up at Kobo and Itunes, but I figure it should any day now. :p For now, if you’d like it in any of those formats, please visit to Smashwords.
Around all that, I did a little behind-the-blog scenes planning, here. I almost made a vlog out of this post but thought, Nah, don’t wanna scare y’all away with my ugly pre-coffee face. 😉 I also decided that these Sunday Post tags are getting so crowded *g* that instead of picking and choosing among a few to set up as “related posts”…well, see below.

This week’s blog posts.

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And…. that’s me, this week. How are y’all doing?

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