shuffle #5–new on the mp3 player this week #musictowriteby #music

 Thought I ‘d go ahead and type up a quick post this fine Saturday night.  A couple things came to mind. While flipping through channels, I ran across a band on PBS called Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds. Only caught a few of their songs but they sound quite bluesy, and their singer had a lot of gusto. Might check them out a bit more, if the chance permits. Their song Mama Knows, that on a quick perusal I found on Youtube , is quite catchy.

Also, Monday is Bob Marley’s birthday (one of his birthdays).

Why Juli, you say, I never knew you liked him.

Yup. My dh has always liked him. (I would say it started when I Am Legend made use of his music, but that’s not exactly true). He’s had Legend for years, but he’s been on a kick, lately, so I’ve been casually listening to Marley’s music and watching various documentaries we have. He had a neat vibe and message in some of his songs  (no, I don’t mean the stoner thing). One of my favorite quotes of his is “The people who are trying to to make this world worse aren’t taking a day off, how can I? ”

That’s a great quote  (and thought), isn’t it?

Anyway, so, many of Marley’s  songs have been in my ears and head, lately. My favorites are, I think still Buffalo Soldiers, Three Little Birds, Stir it Up, and One Love. But yeah, he was pretty cool. If you’ve never heard Bob Marley, do check him out. If you have, what’s your favorite Marley song (or album)?

Shuffle #5 new on the mp3 player this week @julidrevezzo #musictowriteby #music [Tweet this!]


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