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Since I mentioned my new planner, in my last post, I thought I’d continue the topic. Along with everything else, I’m hoping to do a little more paper-and-ink journaling this year. I have tons of blank books, mainly for (if you’ve seen any of my Youtube Pagan Challenge videos from last year) witchy and tarot record-keeping…

Aforementioned collection of blank books. Apparently, I have a love of polka dots.

…but I’ve never been particularly dedicated to recording my days. In that, I am no Virginia Woolf, alas. My mind goes blank when I open up my diaries. I can write thousands of pages of fiction, or dozens of emails to my friends about every little minute of the day in excruciating detail but write it down in a diary? For posterity?? Gods, no! Although things like “16 pages in xyz manuscript finished on such and such a day” or “xyz manuscript sent off to beta reader today” I find very handy to have lying around. 🙂 Otherwise, save the paper! Save the trees!

*ahem* Being a writer, after all, involves lots of sitting around and thinking up stories, in front of a computer screen/empty notebook.

But since I’m blogging more often too, I figured handwriting some entries can be doable. Even if it’s only journal prompts, based on tarot, or what have you. Below, you see my notes for New Age Hipster‘s #januaryclarity challenge, day 18*.
journals belonging to Juli D. Revezzo, photo by Juli D. Revezzo
Deck used: The Druidcraft Tarot by Philip Carr-Gomm and Stephanie Carr-Gomm. And yes, this is my polka dot
$2.50 journal you’ve probably seen on Instagram. No, I didn’t fill it up before the end of 2016. Why not continue using it? I don’t usually flip over to a new journal until I’ve filled up the previous one. Waste not! 🙂
I haven’t done day 19 yet (or as I write this, day 20, for that matter). Yes, I don’t always manage to cover every single day in challenges like this–I am not, after all, gunning to be a professional tarot reader–but I do enjoy the prompts, especially as a learning tool. Sure, I’ve had my decks round about a year (depending on what deck we’re talking about) and have been learning the subject seriously since then and reading up on it casually for several years before that while writing my novel Lady of the Tarot, but I’m still winging it. At any rate, what I see in those cards there (you see there) is a plethora of 9’s, no? The pictures, to me, seem to denote, strength and abundance. Sounds like a good catch phrase for a main character’s family. (Impatient muse! Well, I may need a new project before the year gets too old, so I can’t damn her too much! 😉 Gods know, I have an abundance of projects queued up–did anyone see what I did there? 😉 So we shall see.

Ironically, the prompt for day 18 was: how can I create abundance? What I take from that reading, then (or in the combination of the two cards) is: “shore up the defenses”? “Don’t quit.” But, “it’s okay to play hooky, now and then”? Herm.

Anyway, it gives me something consistent (at least for January) to write down in my journal(s), aside from bullet journaling a few stream of consciousness points out of my day. 🙂 (Which seems like what I’ve always done, but only now has a name?) Or at least, gives me topics to jump start free writing in my journal, without pressure of wondering what to write about my day other than “got up, ate breakfast, read books, edited five pages, laid on the floor staring at the ceiling worrying about said-five pages” right? 🙂
So, since we’re back to the subject of journals, do you keep journals? What kinds of things do you write down in them?
(*I’ve also tried Patrick’s (In the 78 Cards) #yearahead2017 spread. Waiting to see what manifests there! )
Tarot cards, Photo copyright Juli D. Revezzo



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