Anticipating spring

How’s everyone doing today? I’m doing okay. Getting to work on another manuscript that needs revising, and meanwhile, watching our weather. Go ahead, I know you’re going to envy me for this, but with the warm temperatures this (January) month, I’m really getting itchy to get back into my gardening. I have a plan, this year, to swap out some geraniums. See, I had these ones we inherited from my husband’s grandmother. She used to just break off pieces and stick ’em in the ground. Wouldn’t ya know, the bloody things rooted and bloomed with no effort. Her whole yard was littered with them.

When she passed, we brought several home with us and replanted them. They lived happily in a nice few pots in the backyard for years.

Until this last fall. I don’t know what happened, but the whole lot of ’em just dried up, keeled over, died. (I suspect I either under-watered them or under fed them or something. Maybe the heat this past year killed them, but they should’ve been accustomed to that, since we only moved them a mile from their original home. (On the other hand, this summer Hell decided to freeze over and send all its heat to us, so it’s a possibility)

Anyway, the poor things are gone and that corner looks sad and bare. I’ve been bugging dh to get on over to the garden center so we can get more. Hasn’t happened yet, but (with Imbolc upon us!) I hope soon, before it gets too late to repot them, as it looks like we’re not going to have winter here at all. :p What are your spring plans?




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