A lesson in keeping a customer happy. #UnnecessaryWaste

How are y’all doing? Me, I’ve been busy as usual. Need you ask? Busy with editing and getting a Sooper Sekret project to a beta reader. 🙂 Now that that’s off, I’m toying with a few others (including the Nano 2016 project). Right now, I have one mss I hope to get back from an editor the end of the month and plan to get some short stories and stories for my Patreon subscribers out sometime this year. We shall see.
Oh. I know some newsy bit. Now I don’t mean for this post or blog to turn into a product review so the names are changed to protect the evil empire, but for several years (I want to say nigh over a decade), dh and I have happily used a a certain filtering water pitcher, for water for cooking, and coffee and tea. Yes, really, it does improve the taste of our city water. Well, as I said, I have used one (actually two) of these pitchers for years with no problem. Last year, the company that makes them got it into their fool heads to “improve ” things.  That “improvement” included filters that no longer work well in the pitchers we owned. After a huge effort, we found similar filters, but it turned out, it would take the damned things several hours to completely drain. To the point of where I started filling them before I went to bed.  Cut to two weeks ago, when I got up in the morning with the intention of, as usual, making coffee. Put in the coffee grounds into the coffeemaker, picked up the pitcher, as usual, and poured.

The top popped open and the three inches of water that was still in the reservoir poured out all over me. Yes, very good, next to an electric coffeemaker! Sure, I needed a shower, but I would’ve preferred not to get it like that!

With much vile cursing, I cleaned up the mess. Luckily, we had that backup pitcher and so I was able to get that pot of coffee percolating. While the coffee brewed I fired off a polite, yet pissed, email to the company about how dumb they were to change their design. Oh sure, they probably gave some ceo’s new son-in-law a job, but damn it,don’t force your happy customers to change something they’re…well, happy with. That’s not the way to keep that customer!

 How I kept from addressing the email: “Dear Fascist Bully-boys” is anyone’s guess.

Grrrrr… So, then we had to go out and spend an arm and a leg on the new “improved” pitcher. 🙁 Happy customer? I’m filling the new pitcher as we speak, so that remains to be seen. At least I can use the old ones to water my plants. *sigh*

Sure, this fiasco happened a few weeks ago, but this post is getting long. I hope I’ve given y’all a good chuckle, at any rate (*picture Juli as a drowned, very angry little warrior queen*)

(Fangirl points to you if you know where “Dear Fascist Bully-boys” comes from :))
So how’s your week been?

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