Creeping up on Christmas

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 Another week upon us. I thought about doing this post as yet another Vlog, but just didn’t get the chance. I like doing them, considered Vlogmas. But shooting and editing my vlogs do tend to take a lot more time than simply typing my thoughts up.  I did make a book trailer for Lady of the Tarot, that I’m pretty pleased with but  no. No vlog this past week. I went to the dentist and they had a cute tree up. *smacks forehead* I know I could’ve filmed it. All I kept thinking was that the pine smell was too strong and driving me nuts. How how it didn’t bother my husband, who’s usually more sensitive than I, I have no idea. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love pine trees, have lived among them at some points in my life, but this for some reason, was just too concentrate. Oh, well.

As I look back over last week, I’m pretty pleased with everything I managed to get done. The carpal tunnel calmed way down (thank the gods!) so I worked on rewriting the end of a work in progress. I think it’s better for it. I hope. We’ll see what my beta readers think.

I also managed  to finish up that shawl I was working on. 🙂 I even got to wear it this weekend, and it worked nicely, (in the cold grocery store!). I think it might work out nicely when that one cold day hits. *fingers crossed* We also got the Christmas tree up, and the last of the Christmas shopping done. So, phew! One less thing to worry about. The Christmas cards are coming along but…that’s a different subject. And I have a Christmas present I’m working on that must be finished this week. *shhhh*)

On the reading front, no, I didn’t manage to get up the review of City in the Autumn Stars, however, I did finish it a few days ago. I enjoyed it very much, but must admit, it didn’t end the way I thought it would. I hope to get a review up on my review blog this week. Also, I’m almost finished with  The Tenth Suitor by Laura Strickland so be on the look out for that. Next on my reading list will be The Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander. I have an omnibus of that on my shelf and I’ve been eyeing it. So, at least, I plan to start the first book. I recently discovered this fantasy series is based on the Mabinogion (how did this book escape my notice all these years??? Pagan fiction, ya!!!! :)) so I’ve been itching to read it. (I hear tell Disney is trying (again) to make movies of it–this time the whole series. With how horribly they failed with Black Cauldron, I suppose all we can do is hope for the best?)
What with Christmas creeping ever closer (already??) we’ll see how far I get through any of my reading/writing/blogging projects.

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And a picture from last week (which you might’ve seen if you follow my Instagram account):

palm fronds by and copyright to Juli D. Revezzo, December 2016

These were lying out in the park. I like the look of palm fronds when they’re all laid out like this. (hate having to clean them up out of my yard, though). But sometimes, they remind me of old brooms. Anyway, that’s me, this week. How was your week?

Juli's Sunday blog banner December 12, 2016. Banner and picture copyright Juli D. Revezzo

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