A Christmas Survey

I found this little survey (via Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf, via Lindsay’s Library)
and since it’s still (technically) Christmas week, I thought, what the hell? People are still pretending Christmas! I apologize for starting with the first two answers; if this was my list, they wouldn’t be on here. Just skip to the happier #3 question, if you like.

Favorite Christmas song(s): Honestly? None. Well, that’s not exactly true. I can tolerate (note the word tolerate) the classical songs (“Gloria in excelsis Deo”, and stuff like that), but not much else. Generally, I’d rather not listen to “Christmas” themed music…by anyone, anywhere, ever! Especially this pissy year, Holly Jolly nonsensical songs just depressed the hell out of me. Ugh. (To hell with you, 2016!)

Favorite Christmas movie(s): Again, not much. Bad Santa comes to mind and there was one Hallmark romance movie (yes, it’s true) from …a few years back, that I enjoyed, but I can’t for the life of me tell you the title. I think, after a quick scan through Google, that it was called Christmas with Holly. I wouldn’t say either one is my “favorite” but I can watch them. Unless we add Star Wars, since it generally releases in December. Then yes. That. Star Wars. 🙂

Best and/or most memorable Christmas gift you ever received: My mom found an old pic of my family and framed that. Also, my first word processor,without which…you know I wouldn’t have so many books published.

Real tree or artificial tree?: Artificial. I like real, but because of my husband, Allergy Boy, artificial is best.

What tops your tree? Star? Angel? Bow?: An angel that looks like it was made out of stained glass.

Do you send out Christmas cards? Do you go photo card or traditional?:Yes, I do still send them out. And I go traditional.

When did you stop believing in Santa?: I don’t remember 2nd? 3rd? Fourth grade?

Do you have any special Christmastime traditions?: I don’t turn the Christmas lights on until Solstice.

Do you have a favorite type of decoration — snowmen, trees, Christmas village, etc.?: My Christmas tree. I tried to do a more Victorian look, except for the lights, of course.

Do you have any sentimental decorations or ornaments?: That angel I mentioned. I inherited it from a friend of ours who passed away quite a while ago.

White lights or colored lights? Big old-fashioned lights or mini lights?: Colored mini-lights.

When do you start decorating for Christmas?: I try to put the tree up within the first weekend or maybe second week of December; any earlier than the that is too early. But like I said, I don’t turn the lights on, officially, until Solstice night.

Favorite Christmas treat: Peppermint coffee creamer. 🙂

Do you like sugar cookies? Gingerbread cookies?: Yes.

Do you say cocoa or hot chocolate? Do you like your warm chocolate-y beverage with marshmallows? I say Hot Chocolate and sometimes, I like marshmallows. I have to be in the mood, I guess.

What do you eat at your Christmas feast?: We usually do ham of some sort, and black beans and rice, too. But most importantly, I look forward to mom’s lasagna. 🙂 The Italian side of me needs it! 😉 She usually makes it special for me to bring home.

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve or do you wait until Christmas morning?: We wait until Christmas morning.

Favorite Christmas-y scent:? Baking cookies.

If you could ask Santa for any gift this year — and know that he’d bring it — what would it be?: Mechanical fingers like Ghost in the Shell so I could type more without the fingers dying. 😉 

Guess what? I didn’t get them. *sigh* Oh well. Gotta do this the old fashioned way. 😉 Anyway, those are my answers to the survey. Hope those first two answers didn’t depress you. Have a good day and New Year!

Juli D. Revezzo is the author of the MOURNING DOVE LOCKET, the latest in the Antique Magic paranormal series, also the Celtic Stewards Chronicles fantasy romance series, as well as the Gothic romance LADY OF THE TAROT. Her books are available at Amazon and elsewhere.
header pic: Christmas Notebook.© Frbird | Dreamstime.com/Ghost in the Shell pic Copyright Masamune Shirow and Production IG (I think)