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Whoops! I meant to have this one go live yesterday and the music post go up today. Silly me, I didn’t schedule them right. Duh. Okay, so hello! How was your week? Mine was okay. I’ve been working hard on my Nanowrimo project and … I feel like I’m trudging through mud,frankly. I’m still not quite through 16,000 words.(No, I take it back. It is. See below)

*deep breath* It’s okay, I don’t have to win this one. Really. It’s okay. (and then, I saw a blogger say she’d done 60,000 words in three days. How da fuck???) I don’t think my hands could take it. Anyway, it’s still going. I’m not sure where it’s going–no that’s not exactly true, I do (sortakinda) but it is. It’s a story I’ve had kicking around for a long time, so no worries. We’ve got more than we did before and so we will get there. 🙂

My sprints were interesting, in that I tend to type a lot more in a short amount of time than I thought I did before I discovered the sprint counter. 🙂

Plus I had some research to do which resulted in cutting out about a thousand or so words. Still working on that title though. Titles=hard. Anyway, as of this morning (Well, yesterday but I only typed all the handwritten stuff I did yesterday into the computer this morning), I made it up to:

16143 / 55000ish words. 29% done!

I will say, the majority of that 16k has been written in the last 14 days, though. 🙂 I’m not really sure my end point will be 55k or even 50k. I’m just sorta letting this one go, final word count wise, and we’ll see what happens when we get there.

Let’s see… writing, I got a few new videos up (okay, I think I see one of the problems with doing the prescribed Nanowrimo daily run!) I’m so far behind in the Pagan Youtube Challenge, I doubt I will get to all of them before the year is over. C’est la vie.

Reading this week: Still City in the Autumn Stars. Getting through that one slowly, too. There was a pretty blech fight scene in it last night that I needed to stop. Nightmare potential and we didn’t want that, as late as I was reading. I’m also reading Ruined City by A.F. Stewart and enjoying it as well. 🙂

Books I acquired this week:

Enchanted by Destiny (Paranormals of Arilase Book 2) by Beth Caudill
Here Comes the Witch (A Paranormal Witch Cozy Mystery): (Main Street Witches #1) by Ani Gonzalez
 Must Love Ghosts: A Haunting Paranormal Romance (Banshee Creek Book 1) also by Ani Gonzalez
Knead to Know by Liz Schulte (actually, I got that one the last week of October, but just apparently forgot to add it to the list)
and Dark Desires by Eve Silver (ditto on when I acquired this one)

 Anyway, so that was me, today/this past week. I’ve got to get some dinner cut up and in the crockpot. Chicken, potatoes, and veggies soup Mmm….. Same as every week, so that’s why I don’t add my weekly menu much here. 🙂 We’re simple as far as our diets go. Have a good week! (or few days, depending)

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