Sunday Post–first week of November.

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I hope your week went well. Mine was… busy. Yes, I foolishly signed into Nanowrimo again. As of this writing I didn’t work on the Nano project at all for more than a few hundred words, but added 8,000 words into something else–Something that I’ve had a tentative deadline for, for this week. This for the last nearly two years. It’s not even close to being ready to release yet. *headdesk* I’ve sortakinda officially shelved releasing until sometime next year. Give me time to work out the bugs. Besides, I’m closer to finishing/releasing another project. No reason to put that off. And I’m going back to the original Nano project this week–So technically, I suppose I did sorta finish (almost) all my revisions from last year, this year as I had predicted last December. (I guess that ole intuition does sorta work from time to time)

Meanwhile, I contacted all my winners of the Magickal Samhain giveaway. Yep, busy.

Also this week…because I was crunching that “no way I’m going to get it out this year” project, to the tune of taking a night off for shoulder pain, (8,000 typed words in one week!) I used that time to experiment with writing on the phone. Verdict? It will work in a pinch, if I’m not home, but I don’t get as much done as I do when I’m in front of the computer.

And I finished knitting a headband (this one) for a Christmas present that’s currently in the blocking stage.

Fianna headband made by and photo by Juli D. Revezzo. pattern by DaisyHead Creations

I love the striped quality of that yarn, don’t you? It’s one skein of yarn, just dyed like that. Neat! 🙂 These projects always take me longer to finish than I expect so I’m glad I made it in enough time to, you know, wrap it up before the New Year holiday.*phew!*

I also squeezed in some reading, a little bit in two different books. I’m so close to the beginning of those, though…I’m not ready to say anything about what they are.  Hopefully, I’ll let you know soon.

On the new pile, I found some exciting things at the bookstore (well, exciting to me). Did y’all know Michael Moorcock had a new comic out? (*pause and insert omgomgomg!fangirl squee here*) I knew it was in the works, I’d just never seen it…until yesterday. I found three of them (I think they’re compilations of the entire 12 issue comics) at the store: Elric: The Balance Lost, vol. 1, vol.2, and 3. YAAAAA!! It’s another of his Elric-crosses-with-Von Bek-and-Corum tales. 🙂 I’m almost finished with City in the Autumn Stars but no doubt I’ll be diving into Balance Lost really soon.

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And…that’s about it for me, this week. What’d y’all do this week?

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