Nanowrimo update day #19 #amwriting #Nanowrimo2016

Just a quickie for today. How ya’ll doing? I’m …ouchie! And a day…well,I won’t say wasted. Some days I’ve not hit the 1667 needed, and some days I’ve exceeded the count. It just all depends on the day. I did do some writing yesterday, but I’m starting to feel my carpal tunnel rear it’s ugly head, so I needed a break. So I shot some videos for the Youtube Pagan Challenge. Who, me? Perpetually behind? Surely you jest?

The Videos are:

and more here, if you’d like to take a break and do some mindless Youtube surfing.

On the writing front, I decided to make a left turn with my Nanowrimo manuscript so a little bit of the wip has changed. It’s been a fun change, though. I’ve also noticed (again) that Nano’s counter vs. my computer’s word count are slightly different so I always have to seem to do a little more than my goal mark to make sure Nano’s goal fits correctly. Oh well. it’s not a big deal.

How’m I doing today?  25k words down, more to go, and 10 days to do it. Yeah. I got this. 🙂 I think, with the idea I’m coming up with, in the end the manuscript will exceed 50,000 words. I’m just hoping I can hit that 50,000 before November 30th’s cut off. I’ve managed before (yes, even with Thanksgiving break).

How are y’all doing with your Nano projects? 


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