Nanowrimo day 23: Progress Report #amwriting #Nanowrimo2016

So, how’ve y’all been doing in your word counts, my friends? Mine have been… better than I’d hoped, given hand pain. Some days I’ve not hit the 1667 needed, and but mostly this month I’ve exceeded the count (case in point,  yesterday=3,000+ words and the day before was 4,000 words). It just all depends on the day. I’ve got baking to do today, before the holiday, but I still think I can hit 50,000 before the end of the month. In fact, I’m sure of it, where I left off last night. I might even pass it on Monday or Tuesday, if all goes well. My official count today?

36234 / 50000 words. 72% done!

(No, I have not updated it on the Nano site. I usually only do that at 10s. This time, I’m hoping the next update will be 50k so haven’t stopped to do any validation. Sleeping, eating, yes; email, yes; blog, yes, and okay, maybe I’ve paused to do a wee bit of historical research, but validation? Not so much.

Boy, I tell ya, that 36k certainly looked further away than 72% until I updated that bar! Woot! Quite a difference from saying earlier in the month that I wasn’t sure about this, right?

Granted, the knitting and blogging has had to suffer, and I’ve been meaning to make a Nano-tagged video but…best laid plans. Writing comes first, and  that’s okay. 🙂

How are y’all doing with your Nano projects?
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