Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Comic Book/fantasy novel/Movie/TV Villians

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A meme by the Broke and the Bookish.


This seems like a fun topic. Well, I tweaked it a bit to cover movies and fantasy novels. There’s always a plethora of bad guys to love…er, hate!

Let’s see….
1.Captain Videl (from Pan’s Labyrinth. For cruelty, he’s the worst!No matter how many times I see that movie, and know how it will end, I want him to cut his own throat before we get there. I don’t like suicide scenes at all; for Videl, I’d make an exception.)

2. There’s Mr. Gold (AKA Rumplestiltskin) from Once Upon a Time.
Although, really, he started out bad and got better as the series has gone on.

3. The Balrog from Lord of the Rings, (because hey, fiery beast.)

4. Saruman (Christopher Lee did such a good job with this character!)

5.Mordred. (Okay, he’s his mother’s pawn, in the King Arthur Legends but he is the one responsible for Arthur’s death. he could do something radical, like say no to the plan, after all. But then he wouldn’t be a bad guy.)

6. Darth Vader! (Before the Prequels)

7.  Khan Noonien Singh (The Wrath of Khan is his finest moment, I think)

8. Cthulhu. Although really, I’m fond of the guy. He’s got such a creepy way of screwing with his victims–all over the globe–from wherever he lies! Lovecraft made reference to the beast again and again through six stories.He’s a really cool bad guy, I must say (and…. he might have a teensy influence on a certain imp in my Antique Magic series).

9.Yyrkoon, from Michael Moorcock’s Elric series. Because (like #10 below) he’s a narcissistic ass who really, really, needs Elric to wipe the smug smile off his face. I mean, come on? He makes pacts with evil, lusts after his own sister, and wants Elric dead. Hate him. Don’t want to kill him, like the gal below, but yes, I think he belongs here.

10. Glenin from Melanie Rawn’s fantasy novel, Ruins of Ambrai. OMG, I wanted to kill that narcissistic, infuriating woman (er, character) starting about 1/3 of the way into the first book. And what she did, in the end? I won’t give you spoilers, but I have to say that b*** (the character, not the author!) is the reason I got serious about my own writing. I wanted to kill her, repeatedly! *lol* She’s just…bleh! Even years later I still get furious just thinking about her.  Loved the rest of the books; they would’ve been better if Sarra had stabbed her in the eye (repeatedly. Every chapter). 
 🙂 Sorry, Melanie.
So, that’s my list. Do you agree with any of these? Disagree? (*braces self for Glenin discussion*) Who’s on your lists?

Oh! Also, if you’re interested, I made a quick list of some of my favorite comic book villains. You can see it here.

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