Release week Sunday.

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I haven’t really had a chance to do much on the blog this week. Just been getting the ole ducks in a row, what with the release of my new book, LADY OF THE TAROT and all.  We did manage to get out to the park today, I saw my turtle again, but he ran off before I could get more pictures.

I did manage to read a little more in Rake & Romance by Suzanne G. Rogers, and I started The Summoner by Gail Z. Martin. It’s a whopper of a fantasy novel, so I don’t know how long it’ll take me to get through it, but we’ll see. That’s what happens on release week: work! (*laughs*)

Posts this week:
A New Book–what do the Cards foretell
 (AKA the Lady of the Tarot release post! )
What is Life without Coffee
  A guest post: Why write about Greek gods, by Amanda Washington, author of Lucky Blow.
A short little test post y’all don’t need to worry about revisiting. 🙂
And I only picked up one new book:

Oh, also took a few minutes and signed up for the October Frights Blog Hop 
So be on the look out for that, coming up this month. So what’s keeping y’all busy this week?
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Juli D. Revezzo is the author of the MOURNING DOVE LOCKET, the latest in the Antique Magic paranormal series, also the Celtic Stewards Chronicles fantasy romance series, as well as the Gothic romance LADY OF THE TAROT. Her books are available at Amazon and elsewhere.