A little Sunday business. #SundayBlogShare

A little Sunday business.

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This has been a sort-of eventful, and sort of not eventful week. We had a monster hurricane speed up the east coast, and though I’m relieved to report, we got very little from it here on the west coast of Florida, I’m still waiting to hear from some friends who are on the side the storm hit.

I did more behind the scenes stuff for my new novel, Lady of the Tarot. Released the paperback and lined up some blog spots, that kind of thing.

Speaking of blog posts,the first one went up yesterday at A Bluestocking’s Place. Thanks to my friend Lois for hosting me and my new book! 🙂 You can see it here. 

This week’s posts:
I got a few up this week. What’s on your Shuffle, this week’s entry is here.

and I had a guest:  James A. Hunter with the Release Blitz for his book Savage Prophet. That’s here.

Also, a post on my favorite Comic book baddies, here.

And my top 10 favorite bad guys from books and movies here.

Reading this week:
I’m still reading RAKE & ROMANCE by Suzanne G. Rogers, and The Summoner by Gail Z. Martin. Still not quite sure about that one. I’ve been reading both of them a little bit here, a little bit there, when I’ve had time, so it’s taking longer than it probably would for most people.

New Books acquired:


Nope. I haven’t hit Amazon this week. I’ve been too busy writing promo and (I got hit with a new story idea for Caitlin , this morning that my good pal Jolene is now urging me to write, pronto, so ….we’ll see! I can say Caitlin’s very good to me, as far as the being a New Manuscript Muse goes. :)) No new books??? I can see the mouths dropping from here. What have I been doing with myself? I know, right?
In between the promo-writing and the reading, I’ve been knitting a poncho–or trying to. It’s…going? I had about six inches done and noticed a problem I couldn’t fix. *nods* Yep. I had to take it all apart and start again. *sigh* If I didn’t know more experienced knitters have to do this from time to time I think I would’ve given up a few projects ago. 

(Still, grr... I’ll get it one day!)Now if I can just finish it before the cool weather arrives!

Also, I’m taking part in a Facebook event called A Magickal Samhain along with several other fine fantasy and paranormal romance authors who tend to write about witches. 🙂 My introduction posts are up  now. If you’d like to see them, you can do so here.I’ll also be posting a little more toward the end of the month, on the evening of the 28th to be exact. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when it’s happening. 🙂

And that was my week. How was yours?

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