Smith-Waite tarot deck, deck copyright US Games, photo by Juli D. Revezzo

So, we’ve put another month behind us. This year is just flying! The end of August brought the end of the #tarotperspectives challenge on Instagram. I have to say… I enjoyed it, but I’m torn. I’m sorry to see it go, but as Patrick himself said in his youtube video it was a little…overwhelming. On the one hand, I loveloveloved seeing the differences between the three decks I chose. The art history student in me just loved doing that!
However, it was a little intense on my newbie brain. I think I was overwhelmed with the student side, exploring the differences and similarities in the art of each card, as well, as when it came time to photograph them, trying to fit them all into the picture frame and focus in on what I ended up personally focusing on! So, the perfectionist photographer in me was annoyed at that. *lol*
Plus, I didn’t want to end up just posting posts full of pictures of every little detail (here on my blog–or the #tarotperspectives hashtag on instagram, either, for that matter), so I had to choose one picture each day and not be so damned particular, which annoyed the perfectionist me. *grumble and *wink*
Putting the student and the perfectionist photographer aside, the esoteric side of me was…dare I say it, annoyed. Look back through the pictures I posted (Go ahead, I’ll wait. *twiddles thumbs* ) What do you see? It seems to me that, after the Queen of Pents, I got a whole bunch of the crap cards, as I call them: Tower/Death/Ten of Swords (and as you can see, I didn’t even post all of them!). Oh sure, the six of Pents and the eight of Pents popped in to lighten the load a little, but the rest was “oh, death, and murder and sorrow, and destruction” as Steve Martin once sang. I’m still parsing all those out (and before you ask, no there’s nothing that I see as Tower/Death/Ten of Swords going on around me this month. And that, my friends, is why those presentations had me so stumped. July, yes, August, no). It almost  felt like there was some sort of lag going on where they realized what they missed and were piling up trying to catch up with…well, July. *shakes head* They might’ve just been reflecting how I was feeling more than anything, but then…I don’t remember feeling… tower/death/ten of swords-like in anyway whatsoever (except to say I finished two, yes two, manuscripts during August, and had a bit of discussions with friends that I disagreed with their perspectives or they mine. Little frustrations. No walls tumbling down here in August (thank gods)!

And some of the time, I found I was confused by some of the cards. I mentioned this on a few occasions (if you want to look back and laugh at me), that some of the cards could be depicted so differently as to, to me, seem to change the meaning of a card totally.Which isn’t a bad thing, it just made me end up spending more time on each day’s draw than I had to, heretofore.

But y’all know I like learning new things–and boy, did I!

 I tell you what, this month’s challenge ate up the rest of my pages in my first tarot journal! 🙂 And really, in the end, I had fun and enjoyed this challenge very much and thanks Kelly and Patrick for conceiving it!

pic above: Smith-Waite tarot deck, deck copyright US Games, photo by Juli D. Revezzo
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