Review: Vigil for the Bulls (The Poseidon Liturgical Year Project part 1) by Jolene Dawe.

cover art for Vigil of The Bulls by Jolene Dawe, pagan essays, Greek Mythology
Vigil of the Bulls by Jolene Dawe covers the author’s struggle to integrate in some way another aspect of the Greek god Poseidon that one doesn’t hear spoken of often: his care for bulls. These days, people don’t think of them except as comic caricatures, (I’m thinking of the Bugs Bunny cartoon) or as the violent creatures publicized during the Running of the Bulls in Pamploma, Spain. Dawe takes a more sympathetic look at their ritual use, and in building (or rebuilding) her own devotion from scraps and pieces of mythology and literature, equates Poseidon’s care of their deaths as a form of devotion and, as she puts it, Holy Grief.

I must admit, I am more familiar with Mithras’ connection to bulls than Poseidon’s so I enjoyed learning about this subject. The book was a little on the short side, but if you’re interested in modern pagan worship of Poseidon, or looking for a thoughtful read on building a modern pagan ritual system, this is the book for you. I realize this was a short and sweet review, but I recommend the book for pagan readers and even if you’re just a little curious about bull mythology, so do check it out! It’s available on Amazon.

You can read more about the Poseidon Liturgical Year Project here.



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