Ace of Pentacles, learning

Yesterday and today have been soggy days here so I spent a lot of reading and poking around the web, when I can, and doing a bit of journaling. I’ve never been good at that–in fact, this last month on the blog has been the best I’ve ever done on it. And my tarot journal I’ve been keeping since the beginning of the year. That has given me no end of journal entries to make. So a rainy day made it good to stay indoors. I hear it was not so quiet in other areas of the state Eep! and so my thoughts go out to them. Caitlin and Trevor (from my Antique Magic series), were they real, would be getting some good waves and surfing weather from hurricane Hermine (according to reports), so that’s good. I hope the storm is gentle on us all.

the Ace of Pentacles, The Llewellyn Tarot, copyright Llewellyn, photo by Juli D. Revezzo
The Llewellyn Tarot copyright Llewellyn

Anyway, as an addendum to my earlier post on the topic of the tarot and the Ace of Pentacles, Mysticmoons_tarot over on Instagram had an interesting take on the card yesterday. She said: 

“It reminds you to acknowledge your all around existence…”

 I rather like that interpretation. You can read more of her post here.


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