Sunday Post–For the week of 8/15/2016

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What I’ve read this week:


Green Rider by Kristen Britain–yep. Still plodding along in that one.I’m only about a third of the way through it. It’s not that it’s not good, just …slower than I’d hoped.

 Also reading a bit of non-fiction, Vigil of the Bulls, by Jolene Dawe.
Last week on the blog:

Well, in truth I’m going back two weeks now, aren’t I?  There has been lots and lots of work going on behind the scenes. I meant to put this up last weekend but…well, the weekends are no good for internet stuff. But no doubt you’ve noticed all the work that’s gone on around here. I tweeked some of the look (again), and looked into Google Analytics for the blog. Color me confused! Not sure I necessarily need that given how the blog has its own, and shares out to Google+. Any thoughts, y’all?
Now that that’s settled down, I can sorta breathe again (sort of).

What I posted:
The post yesterday announcing Jolene’s new book--Yea, Jolene!

This top 10.

This on the #tarotperspectives challenge. The queen of Pentacles.

and this one on the dreaded Devil card.

and, in case you missed it, this one about the blog post and giveaway regarding my Victorian romance novel, Watchmaker’s Heart.

Other News:

Aside from that I went out to the park last weekend and caught a few really good pictures of a turtle. Big, huge turtle too. That’s one of the things I love of about our park, besides the nice path that gives me no choice but to get some exercise, there’s always some lovely animal to catch on film. Most of them like to try to get away from me (“Oh, lord, there’s the girl with the camera. Quick, hide!” ). It seems like it, definitely. Especially when it comes to the birds. But sometimes I get lucky, like last weekend and this huge (okay, I’ve seen bigger but still) turtle crossed right in our path. Stopped traffic on the path for a while too. It was pretty darned neat.

And on a totemic/esoteric level, I’ve read that, if turtle has a meaning for you it’s: slow down, slow and steady wins the race. It’s a-okay to take your time. But..but, Turtle dear, do you realize the year’s half-gone? (Yeppers, ain’t that something, folks?) School’s already back in session! Yeesh! I meant to have so much more done by now. Feh. So I continue to plod along.

Writing Update:
Also, I’ve gone back to actual business and writing. Butt in chair only works if you’re typing the right kinds of words and me, that’s fiction, baby, all fiction every day! 🙂 I should get said-story off to my editor by the time you read this. I hope.

New books on the pile?
Poseidon of the Ponds, which I posted about yesterday.
Heart of Stone by Willa Blair (romance)

So, it was a slim buying week. If you’re a book horder–um, reader–what’d you get?

PS. Apparently, in this new template, the comments are there. They’re just not showing unless you click “Post comment”. Oh, the joys of templates! *snort* That was facetious, by the way. I was serious when I threatened to learn to write my own! 😉


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  1. This year is flying. I personally think it is because I will be 50 in October and no amount of backpedaling is slowing the inevitable! Google Analytics are great if you are trying to grow your blog, boost your visibility etc. Tracking where most visitors come from, what posts get the most views etc all aid in that.