So, Lughnasadh

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So it’s another one of those holidays that I overshot by a day. So, Lughnasadh! It’s the holiday that, according to legend, the god Lugh instituted to honor his foster mother, on the date of her funeral. In the Irish pagan calendar it’s the last days of summer. the beginning of the harvest season. (Some people call this date by the Anglo-Saxon  [or Gaelic, or even Catholic, depending on your source] name Lammas, but to me, it’s always Lughnasadh in his honor. :))

For us, meh. I’ve said this before, our summer seems to stretch from May to November so I have to laugh at the “last days of summer” distinction. In this modern world, where the climate’s all topsy turvy, in this part of the south where it’s hot as a furnace (to put it nicely) this is really just another summer day. I can’t even call it the midpoint of our summer. But it’s traditional in honor of Someone special in my pantheon so, I mark it–when I can, for instance, say today. If you live on pagan standard time, and you haven’t acknowledged the date, that’s really okay. 🙂

(For those of you who don’t know, Pagan Standard Time is … an acknowledgement that yes, the holiday or the full moon is on xyz date, but “we’ll get to it when we can squeeze it in!”)

So, in years past I’ve felt a little guilty that I haven’t posted posts/social media posts acknowledging “The Date” but you know what? Let’s do away with that, shall we? My Stewards and Warriors can be maniacal about exact dates and times for when they must perform their rituals (the fate of the world hangs on it, after all!) but for us [whisper]real people,[/whisper] I’m invoking Pagan Standard Time so I can still talk about this. 😉

By the way, a lot of the “traditional” things listed in the image above, well…? I’m not so certain of some of those recipes. I’d steer clear of using dandelions from your garden.Who knows what the heck they’ve got on them from local pesticides (mosquito spraying, anyone?). But if you’ve got a sure-to-be-clean source and you’re into baking (baking?? In summer?? When it’s 90 billion degrees out???? Um….)  I don’t see why you couldn’t add your own homemade loaf of bread or a pie to your dinner table. 🙂

Happy Lughnasadh, y’all!


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