Just to keep you all abreast of the move…

…Hey y’all, just so you know, I’m importing some old(er) posts from my wordpress site into this here blog. They’ll probably be sent out to your inboxes as I set each live–ugh! Please don’t abandon me for it. I didn’t think about that when I started working (and it looks like I lost some of you over it). I apologize. I’m just trying to get everything working in tandem again. I won’t be reposting everything, but probably quite a lot. I don’t know how to keep the feed from sending out everything to y’all (I’m looking into it!). For now, please just delete the emails about older posts, if you want. I don’t mind. Thanks for your patience!
Posted 8/8/2016


Juli D. Revezzo is the author of the Antique Magic paranormal series and the Celtic Stewards Chronicles fantasy romance series, as well as the Steampunk romance Watchmaker’s Heart. Her books are available at Amazon and elsewhere

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