Frustration sets in

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So, here I am, again. Things are finally starting to level out, but there are still some things frustrating me. I’m sure I’m not the only blogger out there that has certain visions of the ideal way things are supposed to go. I know,I know we must all have them. Before you ask, no, I am not one of those who thinks I’m going to get rich off this or even make a penny. (I mean, it would be nice but no).

As I said before,I started building my own websites, way back 16 years ago, stumbling into it, really, as something to gussy up my emails. Back then this thing existed called Webtv, and they gave us the ability to add pictures and change the colors of our text with simple codes. So, thanks to that, I knew what an IMG tag was long before most of my friends did. Long before most people stumbled onto blogs or personal websites. So there are certain things that to me, are intuitive in code writing.  I know how to change pictures, link them out to external links, make external links of my text–all without a WYSIWYG system (like, say Blogger, WordPress, etc, give you) to edit my  blogs with. I know raw html and I know how to fix broken images and stuff. For the most part. What I don’t know, I have friends who do or I know how to seek it out in Google to find what I need. (Which we writers all know how long researching anything online can take!)
What burns my tail feathers is when people spend 4,000 strings of code and don’t bother to make sure everything works, so that I have to go behind them and fix their mistakes.
  So sue me, I’m an idealist. If I download something from someone I don’t want to spend a week trying to fix their broken mistakes!  I want things to work the way they are advertised to work!

That’s what I’ve done this past two weeks. Not spent 5,000 keystrokes on a story I was trying to finish, not spending 68 hours revising another book I have to get out, no. I was wrangling with not one, but three different themes trying to fix them so I could squish their square-ish pegs into this round-ish Hobbit hole. *sigh* I’m still not entirely happy with the way everything “works” but it’ll do. (My husband’s worried I’m going to, as he says, bite the keyboard in half so I’m just letting it go…or trying to!)

So, anyway, friends, fans. Now you know one of the things I do when I’m not writing. Explains the carpal tunnel, doesn’t it? (And one, two, three, and breathe…. do not bite keyboard in half! ;))


Juli D. Revezzo is the author of the Antique Magic paranormal series and the Celtic Stewards Chronicles fantasy romance series, as well as the Steampunk romance Watchmaker’s Heart. Her books are available at Amazon and elsewhere.