Frustrating week take 2–August 21st and the turtle.

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Sunday August 28.

Can you believe we’re already at the final Sunday of the month? I can’t. This month has flown, hasn’t it?
I meant to show y’all the turtle we ran across… Sometimes I realize I take way more pictures than I’ll ever post, but oh well. It’s one of my hobbies. 🙂 Anywho, no time like the present. Tada! Mr. Turtle!
turtle by Juli D. Revezzo
You really can’t tell from the picture, but he was fairly big. I guess with a bulk like his he’d have to be a little slow, but with the heat of the path, I think he booked a little faster that day! 😉
So, how was your week? Mine wasn’t too bad. Those of here at the Tribal Grounds (as I call the homestead) had a few appointments (no worries, all’s well!) And around those, I spent a lot of time (a lot) working on my blog behind the scenes. Meanwhile, researching stuff for it. I’m so tired of looking at templates! *laughs* Give that a few days and I’ll probably be back to it. Well, really, in this case, it might be more like a few days.

Reading: Yes, still reading Kristen Britain’s Green Rider. I’m going to finish one day! I did, however, finish Vigil For the Bulls by Jolene Dawe (which I mis-titled as Vigil of the Bulls, in last week’s post. Mea culpa). I just haven’t had a chance to post the review yet. I hope to get that done this coming week.

New Books on the TBR list
Though I admit I’ve been reading more non-fiction lately, I picked up a few fiction too.

Did I list Heart of Stone by Willa Blair? (*looks back*) Oh. Right. I did. Well, yes, that.

Burned by Magic by Jasmine Walt. She had a free day and the book looked interesting so I picked it up. Yes, I download freebies too.

And Poseidon of the Ponds by Jolene Dawe.
(Yep, I couldn’t resist picking up the next in her devotional series.))

Going Candid by Thomas Leuthard.
From Good Reads: A book about street photography in the digital age. Forget what you know about street photography and read how Thomas Leuthard (85mm) explores the street with his camera. Find useful tips and tricks on how to approach people, getting closer to them and get the best out of you street experience.

It sounded interesting. Yeah, I’m a nerd. 😉 I found it through the Lightstalking blog but it’s also available on Mr. Leuthard’s site.

The Fine Art of Photography by Anderson, Paul Lewis, 1880-1956

 A freebie over at It looked interesting.

Daily Journal: A Powerful Habit to a Bigger Life by Brenda Nathan
(And yes, one on Journaling. Just out of curiosity)

On the writing front…I finished the new story I’ve been revising. *happy dance* I just have to get it off to my editor. I also got to have lunch with my friends Marsha and Patty. (A day out, woohoo!) I should’ve taken some pictures but alas, no. (I know, you’re shocked, aren’t you?)


I made the acquaintance of some new bloggers. Kimberley (of course), Writing Pearls, and Lola.*Waves* Hello, ladies!

Let me see….Oh! As for my posts this week, I posted the following:
10 Books On Your TBR pile From Before You Started Blogging That You STILL Haven’t Read Yet

Dragon Knight’s Ring by Mary Morgan–Bewitching Book Tour and giveaway #romance (And, yes, there’s still time to get in on Mary’s giveaway, if you’d like)

My latest rant post :): FED UP

and finally, Tarot Perspectives: 8 of Pentacles, August 26

Oh, and I got a planner. I’ll take some pictures and get them posted this coming week for you.
And that was last week. How was y’all’s week?

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