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I’m sorry, you guys. These templates are driving me f()(( crazy. I haven’t found one that has exactly every aspect I want without having to recode most of them. It’s driving me insane! I’ve just wasted a month trying to get every duck in a row the way I want it. And failed. Font awesome? Not so awesome at all. In fact, I think it sucks. All I want is for my @ name to fill out when you touch any of the share tweet buttons. I found one tutorial (here) that works with only one template. (And, my thanks to Ed Greenlee for taking time out of his writing day to help me wrangle with it).
Unfortunately, I wasn’t exactly happy with that template. When I changed templates and tried to reinstall? That code failed. *sigh* Every single template seems to have something broken in it. If the social share buttons work right, the advance doesn’t, or if it does, it has no all important sidebars (hint, at the moment, with the Daily Blogger, they’re down at the bottom of the page in desktop and mobile view, and I don’t like that),  or if it’s all working, it’s not truly responsive, or if it is, the Twitter handles work on one view and not another and I have to add extra button code and tell you to use those and not the installed ones. *bites keyboard*
So here we are a month later.
I’ve seen it done, so I know most of you aren’t having to spend hours rewriting code. I just haven’t found a good tutorial to explain what to put where, where, where and where (because apparently, there’s more than one place.) GRRRR…. It’s totally not Zen/blood pressure-friendly for sure! 
I’m sorry. I’m a little fed up with this stuff right now. I have to go kill some characters and get this anger out. 😉


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photo from FreeDigitalPhotos.net (and, apologies, I’ve had her so long, I forget the photographer’s name and link)