Behind the scenes-ing this Gratitude Project thing–day one

Butterfly and Chinese wisteria, by Xü Xi. Early Song Dynasty, c. 970

Jo’s post reminded me that the Gratitude project, that’s been around for (as my grandmother used to say) Donkey’s years is back. So, why not? There’s enough in the world to not be grateful about  (political jibberjabber fifteen million times a day, websites that make you log in just to see a picture that might not be there anymore and yet take up HALF the search engine results, or want you download their app just to look at something to see if it’s what you’re looking for–yes, I’m looking at YOU, Pinterest)….

Ahem, but today, we’re about gratitude. So!

I’ve had a relatively weird summer. Family wise it’s been…um,yeah. Well we’ll not go there. Weather-wise, it’s been dry and hot. I know what you’re thinking. She’s a weather nut! Well, maybe. I always have tried to make a point of catching the weather, or at least ever since round about the dreaded hurricane season of 2004.

So, I am grateful that (so far *knock on wood*) we haven’t had any massively crazy weather yet this summer! Hot yes, rainy yes. But hurricanes? Not yet! So, thank you, weather gods for giving that godly Xanax to the storm lords! *hehe* And that’s kept me inside writing and coding, so woohoo!

If they could just stay nice and quiet for the rest of the year, then we’ll really have something. 

I’m also grateful to friends and family for all the help they’ve been–in both the completion *gigglesnort* of this project, as well as of certain writing projects I am still working out that are projected to hopefully get out of my computer in the latter half of this year. We shall see.

Now about those stupid “you must log in to look” sites….

(Didn’t this used to run in November?)

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