Things intelligent people say….

shocked young woman by stockimages and Free stock photos

Oh.Oops. Excuse me. I beg the apologies of my gentler audience who are oh so offended by the F word. But you know what? According to this F$%!*!%& article, those of us who swear a F$%!*!%& blue streak are ….

intelligent. Who knew? Don’t believe me? Go F$%!*!%& read this:

I’ll eventually return you to the non-cussing version of me (stop laughing back there, my family) for the next post. *cheeky grin* Sometimes, though, ya just gotta say it! 😉

(Sorry if I gave any offense. I hope I gave you a laugh, though. My part of this post here was a tongue in cheek jab, by the way. But the article is real).

photograph above by stockimages and Free stock photos

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