National Ice cream er…day.

National Ice cream day (or month, or week, depending on what resource you read). Okay, so it was last weekend. Did y’all celebrate? Ya gotta love a day dedicated to ice cream. A National one. In the month of our national holiday. Why this month? Surely it’s not because it’s the hottest f***$%# month on the calendar, because you know, it’s not. (Or at least not where I live). That would be next month. Although, honestly, this July has been pretty f***$%# hot.

As for me, sure! I’m always up for a good ice cream cone. My favorite? Well, there’s that above. (Well, sort of. I’m not sure what the light brown is–coffee?) Anyway, you can’t beat chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. 🙂 In my house we call it Neopolitan. It’s always been that way because ….well, family reasons. Dad called it that, so it stuck. Turns out, the mix of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate probably really started in Naples, Italy. At least, according to Wikipedia. At any rate, I think it’s pretty (excuse the pun here) cool. 🙂

Juli D. Revezzo is the author of the Antique Magic paranormal series and the Celtic Stewards Chronicles fantasy romance series, as well as the Steampunk romance Watchmaker’s Heart. Her books are available at Amazon and elsewhere.

*(photograph above by: eak_kkk/Pixabay)

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