So it starts….Summer Magic

Candle by Wytch of the North

It’s been a busy few weeks here. Having taken a day off a week in June, thanks to a storm, I finally got some work finished (more on that in the next post). Yes, one of the problems with living in the so-called Sunshine state, the one that the chamber of commerce doesn’t like to think about is that this time of year equals hurricane season. Unfortunately, no one’s found a cure for it. And since, way back ten years ago I lost a computer to the shit that is hurricane season, I’ve since learned to take a day off when a storm threatens. I’d planned to do one last read over before sending the book off for formatting, but alas, Mother Nature had other ideas.

So, I wanted to do some magickal cleansing (hoping to kick that stuff out and keep this the only storm-like distraction for the entire year, right?!) . Usually, other witches I know would grab some incense and get to burning (and if you’re looking for some for your supply cabinet, my friend Beth at Wytch of the North makes some awesome batches). However…I’ve noticed a touch of asthma (more than a touch) seems to result when burning anything like smudging herbs or incense. And if they bother me, who only developed it when I was younger and not born with asthma, they’re even worse on my husband who was. *headdesk repeatedly* If one or both of you end up wheezing for hours afterwards, believe me, this is not a good thing.

Also, there’s the magickal (or maybe it’s just psychological, on my part) problem that hurricanes and tropical storms often come with high winds (air=incense=sympathetically magical winds?) and not something you really want to invoke when trying to keep Mother Nature’s winds calm (you can also see where the usual ritual of sprinkling salted, blessed water might cause some concern here too, can’t you? But again, maybe that’s just me).

It would be great because, dude. So easy! Light a candle or light some incense for a few seconds (with intent of course) blow it out, poof! I did just this for years. Now, I can’t breathe (or breathe well) afterwards.


So what’s a witch to do? Well, a few simply things, actually and these things have been done for years in none other than Feng Shui and by witches all over. If I remember correctly I first heard about this idea years ago from a book called Magical Household by Scott Cunningham , so I can’t take credit for it. Do I do it, though? You bet! Or even easier, you can take up your broom and sweep it out.

Yep. A Broom. I’ve even heard tell some witches keep special brooms for just such a ritual. I had one somewhere …


(Oh, there it is. I wondered where I left that…. 😉 j/k). So, in the absence of a special broom and being a practical girl (stop laughing, my friends in the peanut gallery!) you can use your regular old broom with which you sweep the house on any normal day. How? Simple enough. Sweep as you would, but, make sure you sweep away from yourself and your house. When you get to a door or window, keep sweeping. As glass is no barrier to energy, it’ll go on out. *nods*

And don’t forget, as this is a little different than regular, every day cleaning, you should sweep with intent. Focus on and visualize your broom pushing all that bad stuff out and away from your home and loved ones. (Hey, if you want to say something like “sweep away the negative” or something while doing this, why not?) If you think you can’t do it over rug, you can.There’s actually no need for your bristles to actually touch the floor/windowsill/table whatever (so say some experts). I’ve found it even works for cleansing small items (instead of a broom, use a hand broom or a feather is even better, if you’ve found one out and about somewhere*.) If you look close, I’ve had my fictional witches do this kind of little magickal clean up every once in a while. 😉

Or you can, if you can stand the heat, open the windows and let a clearing breeze blow through your home and blow all the negativity out. That’ll work too. *nodsnods*

Anyway, just a few ideas for you. I hope this little article helps. May you have a easy, peaceful week.

**Please, please do not use this article as an excuse to pluck a feather from an animal! If you keep close attention, undoubtedly you will find one a bird’s shed lying around in nature–or pick one up at your local pagan shop.


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