I know, I haven’t been around much…#amwriting #amreading #charity

I can’t believe we’re in May, already, can you? I’ve not been wasting the year (really, I haven’t). I’ve been working hard! Aside from promoting my latest book, WATCHMAKER’S HEART, I’ve been going over final edits for *drum roll*…the next novel in the Antique Magic series. 🙂 Yep, it will be coming soon, y’all, I promise and will have that release date to share with ya’ll so. *rubs hands* So that has kept me extremely busy.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading. Finished Patty G. Henderson‘s latest Brenda Strange novella PEG o’ MY HEART. You guys, I love this series. Ghosts,mystery. What’s not to love? And a large part of the proceeds from PEG will be going to Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary. So if you want to check it out, now’s the time.

peg o' my heart by Patty G. Henderson; lesbian supernatural mystery

“The song should have ended over sixty years ago, but for some, it still plays on a defunct radio station that burned in 1947. Ghosts are like that.”

When Cubbie buys an old Philco radio from the 1930s and brings it home to Malfour House, a mysterious broadcast from a radio station that no longer exists begins to haunt Brenda Strange.

Brenda is lured into an investigation that crosses time and space and brings her face to face with some of her own demons of the heart. Can true love reach through the expanse of time itself? And who are the shadowy Gate Watchers, and can they be agents of Heaven or demons from Hell?

Brenda must race to find the puzzle pieces to solve the mystery of the ghostly broadcast and save the life of Margaret Fields. She confronts a power with the potential to create havoc in our own world.

*shivers* It’s good, y’all! I swear, the ghosts made me jump, a few times. And I love the Gate Watchers. (I’ve been bugging Patty about them ever since. She’s keeping her secrets…for now.)

The few times I did sneak out, I didn’t leave the camera at home. I thought I’d share a few snaps with y’all. I spotted this guy on a recent walk. (I think he’s a spoonbill?)

bird by Juli D. Revezzo

And I recently had the opportunity to go to a racetrack! That was kinda fun and the horses were gorgeous.

horses by Juli D. Revezzo

Unfortunately, I wasn’t close enough, here, to get clearer pictures. Oh, well. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to lately, all while writing and editing (and editing some more!). Happy reading, happy (early!) weekend!

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