Yuletide returns and plans

"Berry Snow Heart" by Tina Phillips
“Berry Snow Heart” by Tina Phillips/Freedigitalphotos.net

Checking in to say merry Yule, happy solstice, Merry Christmas to all my friends. I’ve been here, having a little Christmas sale. Yep. A select few of my paperbacks discounted at Amazon and Createspace. My witch-friendly paranormal fantasy The Artist’s Inheritance, Celtic fantasy romance, Passion’s Sacred Dance, the Christmas themed paranormal mystery Murder Upon a Midnight Clear are all on sale. So, if you have any fans of fantasy, Christmas  romances, or druids or witches on your last-minute list I’m sure you’ll find something they’ll love. 🙂

Behind the scenes, I’ve been waiting for some revisions on ye ole book, meanwhile, beta reading for a fantasy writer, and dear friend, Jolene Dawe  (a book I thoroughly enjoyed!). So, while we wait for Christmas and the new year to return, I’ll be very busy with revisions in January. The cover for said-book is ready to go, at least, but I don’t want  to reveal it too soon. Because with this manuscript, who knows? It’s taken far more time to get out than I ever thought it would. So we shall see. In the meanwhile, Happy hunting …er, Yule and have a great day!