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I am participating in paranormal author Clarissa Johal‘s October Frights Blog hop.

Vincent Price, The Last Man On Earth, 1964 movie posterAs I mentioned in my last post, Richard Mattheson’s book I Am Legend has been made for the big screen more than once. The 1964 movie, The Last Man on Earth, starring Vincent Price, is just one. People around the world are dying from a mysterious illness.
 Though he and his colleagues at the CDC try, they can’t find a cure for it. Some three years later, the dead have been rising from the grave to return and walk the streets as vampire-like zombies. There’s only one survivor of this catastrophe: Dr. Robert Morgan. He’s lost his wife, his child, and all his friends to the plague. The entire world’s population has been wiped out…or at least he hasn’t seen any other unaffected human in three years. Society has degenerated, and Robert lights his home with generators and forages the abandoned markets during the day, to stay alive. And when not doing that, he seeks out hives of the infected to destroy them before they come and destroy him.

Then one day, he finds a dog, and then a woman shows herself, clearly, like him, unaffected by the plague. Or is she? Whatever she is, he learns from her that the infected seek his death—for the crimes he’s committed against them. Crimes? He’d never thought of his hunts as any such thing.

So the question here becomes, are the creatures the monsters? Or is Morgan?

This version retains the Us vs. Them, feel, and Vincent Price is as ever, great, and one can see The Last Man on Earth DVD cover, Vincent Pricecomparisons between the zombies here and George Romero’s famous shambling zombies.

There are a couple scenes where they mis-edited things (it’s supposed to be night and Price turns a corner and it’s daylight, etc); the director also (in contrast to I Am Legend) included voice-overs so you get Morgan’s thoughts, but still, it’s intense and  enjoyable. If you’d like to check it out, it’s available at Amazon.

(And yes, it too is an influence on my zombie story, Bicycle Requiem. You can check out the giveaway for it here.)

Have you seen this movie? If so, what’d you think of it?
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