Friday news and reviews, #Halloween edition

Good morning, everyone. I hope y’all are well. Are ya ready for Halloween?

How about Nanowrimo? Are any of you,my readers, participating in the madness, this year? All right. i decided (despite what I said early) that I am throwing my hat in, again.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this fine review that showed up for my novelette, Bicycle Requiem:

Bicycle Requiem by Juli D. Revezzo, paranormal, zombie, pagan paranormal fiction

“‘Bicycle Requiem’ really took me on a ride of how one random act, however horrible you find it, can turn your life into a living nightmare…. This Novelette was a great quick read. Juli D. Revezzo created quite the creative story. I’ve always enjoyed her work. A great add to your tbr list.” ~Denise. Read the full review at Amazon.

*Squee* Thank you, Denise!

Bicycle Requiem is available at Amazon and Smashwords

If you’d like to add this novelette to your Good Reads shelves you can do so here.

(Oh, and just another little note, for a friend. My friend Beth, who runs the fine etsy shop Beth Wodandis Designs and makes all sorts of cool pagan-themed jewelry and candles and more, is having a sale. (She’s the lady who made my lovely ritual cord I showed y’all a while back. 🙂 And some other oils and stuff that I’ve enjoyed.) Do go check out her blog for more details. Meanwhile, Halloween…. ready…and go! 🙂

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    Reblogging not so much for her talking about Beth's stuff (though Beth's stuff is awesome) as to signal boost Juli's work.

    Bicycle Requim is a great seasonal read, and it's only ninety-nine cents. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy! Who doesn't want a zombie story for Halloween?