New dark fantasy (horror) novelette

I hope you’re having a good day. I am so far! Our weather here is cooling down, but nonetheless, my creativity is not (are you shocked?). So I wanted to let y’all know I have a new story for you. Every once in a  while, I just get a hankering to write a little darker than the paranormal romance stories I have on offer. This one is specifically for those of you who enjoy my dark stories.

Bicycle Requiem is a little novelette of roughly 9,000 words. and while a shorter version of the story was first published in the zine Twisted Dreams, with getting my rights back and the time that has passed since its publication, I expanded and updated it and all that good stuff.

Bicycle Requiem a zombie novelette by Juli D. Revezzo; paranormal fiction, horror fiction, short fiction, dark fiction

If you’d like a taste of it, here’s the

On the way home from a draining night of work, Theodora (called Teddy by her friends) finds herself guilty of something she’d never dreamed: a hit and run that results in a child’s death.

Wracked with guilt, Teddy hides her secret, carrying on as if nothing happened, but when the victim’s zombie returns, bringing along her own kind of disturbing justice, Teddy learns innocent little Mara isn’t exactly what she seemed.

And Teddy wonders, would jail be better than eternity with the vengeful girl’s accusing spectre.

Is it a small price to pay–and for what?

Legend has it that zombies are mindless creatures, Mara doesn’t quite seem so. Well, you’ll have to read to see what she’s got in store for poor Teddy!

Amazon’s Look Inside feature isn’t up, as yet, but it should be soon. Anyway, if you’d like to check it out, Bicycle Requiem is now available at Amazon (and Amazon UK) and other ebook sellers.

I like writing dark, sometimes, what can I say. 🙂 Some might even call this horror (or just dark fantasy) One more thing, if you are a fan of the Antique Magic series, you’ll find a little tidbit surprise inside Teddy and Mara’s story. 🙂

Oh, and before I forget. Big thanks to Zeke for proofreading through this one!
Enjoy and have a nice, and spooky, day!
best spooky wishes,
Juli D. Revezzo

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  1. Aww…Bless your heart, Renae! I hope you like the story. (If you do, reviews on Amazon or wherever are welcome. 🙂 )

    No worries about the typo. I sent the typo faeries after it. I know what you mean about that magical undo button. I wish I had one sometimes!
    Thanks again, my friend.

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