New release: Celtic Stewards Chronicles returns

Hi everyone. Well, I have a little news for you. At long last, the second volume of my Celtic Stewards Chronicles is available. Yes, the harshad wars continue!

And with a pretty, pretty (new) cover.

Druid Warrior's Heart, by Juli D. Revezzo, Celtic Stewards Chronicles, fantasy Medieval Romance, pagan paranormal romance, Irish Romance, borrow with Amazon Prime

For those very, very many of you who enjoyed PASSION’S SACRED DANCE, you might recall Stacy’s helpful ancestor Ruth? This new volume, DRUID WARRIOR’S HEART, is her book. As the series goes backwards in time, DRUID WARRIOR’S HEART takes place in the 1500s on the Macken family’s original homestead in Ireland.

I’m sorry it took so long to bring to you, but the writing of DRUID WARRIOR’S HEART took a lot of prep work and research to try to get Ruth’s era perfect. The book follows Ruth and Isaac in their early days together. As in PASSION’S SACRED DANCE, however, Ruth dips her own toes into the magical world of Irish mythology–and of course, gets her own harshad warrior Isaac (who you might recall is Aaron best friend in PASSION’S SACRED DANCE).

If you’d like to know a bit more about it, here’s the synopsis:

DRUID WARRIOR’S HEART (Celtic Stewards Chronicles, book two)
genre: Historical fantasy romance

As the latest in her family’s long line of Stewards, Ruth Macken awaits the arrival of a warrior sworn to the Tuatha dé Danaan, the Celtic gods her family has served since the beginning of time. For on that day, a magical battle will erupt. A war between druids and an evil that will decide the fate of mankind. 

Isaac Connel knows the battle is imminent, and is ready to fight, once again but from the moment he sees Ruth flitting around the sacred ground, he’s captivated by her fiery charms and a need to protect her. 

Despite Isaac’s assurances and the dreams that guide her, what can Ruth and her lover do to drive off this evil? Despite everything, will the world end at the hands of an evil god?

DRUID WARRIOR’S HEART is now available at Amazon. I hope you enjoy it, and if so, reviews are always welcome and appreciated. 🙂 And for those of you who crave a real book, the paperback is on its way! As ever, thank you for reading!

~Omnia mutantur, nihil interit!

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